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Study Finds iOS, Android, & Windows Phone App Stores Also Plagued by Zombie Apps


It is no surprise that the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Marketplace also are full of junk apps. While they do not have 1 developer responsible for 1/3rd of the apps they are also cluttered with piles of junk apps. This just goes to show what I have been trying to explain about quality trumping quantity. This study by mobile testing service StarDust tries comparing the three rival app stores though it does not include BlackBerry World. They found that 65% of the 617,436 apps on Apple’s app store have never been updated and have fewer than 10 reviews (Zombie Apps). That compares to 41% of the 484,271 apps on Google Play and 69% of Windows Phone apps.

VentureBeat has more of the details on the study. I hope this just stresses further how little this game of “how many apps does your store have?” means. It is a useless metric when all that really matters is if the platform has GOOD apps. For me that means it needs the 50 apps I use regularly and I hope BlackBerry has directed all of their focus on cultivating those apps while promoting developers creating QUALITY apps and not quantity app spam.

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  1. Two takeaway points:

    1) “While they do not have 1 developer responsible for 1/3rd of the apps they are also cluttered with piles of junk apps.”

    2) “it does not include BlackBerry World”

    I encourage devs to boycott BB until it solves the S4BB abuse.

  2. @ John,
    Wouldn’t it be better to come up with a solution to how apps are rated, and reviewed and let consumers be the judge, rather than demand a boycott of BB.

    Not to judge you individually but I see on the internet a lot of people outraged at ‘insert something here’ and demand that ‘insert someone here’ better do something about it. It makes me wonder how genuinely outraged people really are.

    What would your solution be other than to demand that something be done?

  3. Very nice article. U made my day “GOD Bless You Ronen”. GO BLACKBERRY “LOVE My Q10”.

  4. The droid fart app logo is sooooo FUNNNYYY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I nearly died. Thanks Ronen! Needed that to perk up my day

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