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Dear BlackBerry, Please Let Us Resize Pictures Before Sending Them on BlackBerry 10

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One of the things that really jars me sometimes in BlackBerry 10 is how BlackBerry has done away with some of the nice efficiency improvements they have made over the years. On one hand we have features that have been improved like the File Manager and on the other hand we have the substandard notification system in BlackBerry 10. With that said one of the features I was really hoping to see in 10.2 was the ability to resize photos before I email them (and even show a progress bar as they upload in later versions).

This ability to resize pictures was added in OS 5.0 (I think) on legacy devices and I really enjoyed it. It allow you to easily select a different picture size to shrink images before sending and applying it to all subsequent images. This allowed you to email someone 40 pictures with ease. It was such a brilliant feature that other platforms lack. Now each picture coming out of my Q10 camera is a 1.3MB monster making sending them a pain.

So please BlackBerry can we get this feature back? Pretty please with sugar on top? I promise to write an article about how amazing it is. Better yet can you also add the ability to resize pictures in the native photo editor? We can edit video but we cannot resize pictures… Priorities anyone?

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  1. Yes! This feature alone makes me look longingly at my Bold 9900.

  2. Bah, it’s 2013, and mobile bandwidth is free [except when outside your own country, of course, where you must give up your first born or a vital organ]. No need to squeeze down the pics, send the full size image!

    • Funny!

      You must not spend half of your mobile existence on Edge!

      Plus the seasoned citizens clamoring for these pics don’t run applications that automatically resize. They whine that they can’t see the whole pic without scrolling. Don’t begin to ask them to save the files!

  3. I’m sorry, “substandard notifications”??… you can’t possibly be refering to the hub (or the ‘toast’ notifications in 10.2). MILES above anything the competition offers!

  4. How about compressing videos too so sending videos on BBM would make some sense…

  5. Dear Blackberry,

    Saque tu cabesa de tu culo.

  6. Completely agree. Having just moved froma 9930 to a Q10, I immediately noticed this glaring omission.

    And the BB10 bundled notification sounds suck. 3 choices? really? For a device that’s supposed to help you integrate multiple accounts into this Hub thingy, having only 3 notifcation sounds is a joke.

  7. Fully supported 🙂 +1.

    There are a number of things they need to do such as this, because even video capture could be handled the same way – either before recording it or after, which is likely more taxing on the device.

  8. Agreed, the option would be great, sometimes you have 30 pictures you want to send in one email.

    On the same topic, there also needs to be an option to shoot lower quality video. Previous OS had the MMS mode for shooting quick clips to txt or bbm..miss that feature.

  9. BBM should just incorporate itself better with cloud storage services so we can actually have an option to send links to the images that are not even in our phones, like we used to be able to do with DB on OS 7. DropBox on OS10 is a very minimalistic version.

    Are there any apps we (you BB10 users) can just use to resize pictures, like an 3rd party picture viewer that has option to email pictures after resizing them. Come on devs, this should not take more than a few lines of code to just have a very basic picture viewer with checkmarks that resizes (possibly even zips) and then emails them.

    • Yup, a basic viewer that can email pics in a lowered resolution would do the trick. It would be best of course if BB10 could do it natively, I believe BlackBerry has been able to do that since cameras first came to our devices, amazing they left that capability out of BB10.

      Zip wouldn’t help.

  10. on BB10 files can be zipped and emailed. doesn’t this work instead of resizing the picture.

    • Pictures are already stored in a compressed format when you take them. Zipping won’t make them appreciably smaller, resizing to a lower resolution before sending is really the only way to shrink the amount of data.

  11. How do I make videos with my pics on my BlackBerry and send the video

  12. This is now available in 10.2.1 leaks.

  13. What a bussines phone is this blackberry, without possibility to resize pictures to be send by email? Rubbish and they didn try to improve features.

  14. I’m also needing this option to send proof images to clients, seems like the only option is to switch to a Samsung or iPhone or similar?

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