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Canadian Minister States That They Are Keeping a Close Eye on BlackBerry

BlackBerry Canada

Canadian Government Industry Minister James Moore took some time to talk to Reuters yesterday about what he called BlackBerry’s current situation. He stated that it was “unfortunate” that BlackBerrys new Q10 and Z10 phones have not taken off. He went on to say that:

"I know that they’re facing their challenges and they’re adjusting their firm internally in the way that best suits their interests," he said. "And all I can say is, we wish them well, and we’re keeping a close eye on the situation."

On top of that he was asked if the government wanted BlackBerry to stay Canadian in terms of foreign bids. To that he vaguely replied that:

"We want them to do well, keep employing Canadians, keeping putting out innovative technologies and platforms, and we’re paying close attention."

In other words they have their eye on it and have not made any public decisions yet.

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  1. Not sure what is being communicated here. I think the minister might be concerned about a possible takeover regarding jobs and technology, but that’s about it. I think the company will make its own decisions on their future.

    There is no reason for BlackBerry to panic. They have no debt. They just have some greedy investors. I say – go private! Use some of that $3M cash to buy back some stock, so they can take back control of the company.

    The products are fantastic! The Z10, Q10, and Q5 are all great products. BES 10 is amazing. The path the company is on is solid and well thought out. Consumers just have to come, but greedy investors are helping to create negative press. Consumers won’t come in droves if this negativity continues, but BlackBerry will win fans over with their ingenious products.

    I’m a fan, not affiliated with BB, but I see a lot of potential ahead. Heins, please don’t sell!

  2. The only reason to sell would be to appease those greedy investors. It’s not to build something great but to take immediate profits, which would destroy the company. Selling should not be an option as it feeds the monster we should all be trying to avoid – greed!

  3. BlackBerry will be ok. Business as usual… Zero debt and their Z10, Q10 and Q5 are starting to get more noticed by the consumers. I was at the Salt Lake City, Utah Airport the other day and a guy mid thirty something holding the BlackBerry Z10 and I pretended that I am not a Z10 owner asked him if he really like the phone. He said this phone is smoking the other phones based on his experience with the phone. He said it is very fast and saved him a lot of time when typing and checking news. He said he peeked through the HUB once in a while that is it. He said it is too dam easy to operate and wonder why it not very popular use among consumers.

  4. OK, OK, I’ll release my killer app exclusively on BlackBerry and save the company 😉

  5. Personally the Canadian Government will ensure BlackBerry stays in Canada and continues to create jobs and opportunities.

    Going Private is not a good idea IMO. Joint Venture and/or some sort of Strategic Partnership is the better route. Personally I would love to see partners such as Toshiba, Panasonic & Sony.

  6. Yea, my z10 smokes my android & iPhone in terms of intuitive interface (I feel like a moron on my HTC One any more). I think a lot of reviewers have done the phones a disservice and assumed the average consumer wouldn’t get the peek/hub/swipe/gestures features, when they’re actually the most intuitive interface I’ve ever used. Some reviewers claimed it took them a week to get used to the gestures — it took me a few hours.

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