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BBM for Android and iOS User Guides Leak Out!

BBM Android iOS User Guide

If you needed any more proof that BlackBerry Messenger is coming soon to Android and iOS then this leak should reassure you. spotted the user guides for both BBM for Android and iOS. They are hosted on BlackBerrys servers and link to the apps that are not yet available. Still it does show that you will be able to send messages, location, voice messages, status, BBM Groups, and more based on your BlackBerry ID, number, or QR code. This document also says that screen sharing, voice, and video will be coming later this fall which is really sad to hear.

Check out the documents below:

Some new links BBM_for_iOS-1.0_User_Guide-BetaBBM_for_Android-1.0_User_Guide-Beta

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  1. Here’s something that should distract greedy investors a bit – forget BlackBerry hardware sales numbers. BlackBerry has other possible revenue generation opportunities. BBM on other platforms should add a lot of value to the BlackBerry stock, and BlackBerry monetizing BBM via Channels and other means will help expand the company’s fortunes moving forward. Can’t wait for launch!

    • Yup. I am just sad that it looks like the clients will not be fully featured at launch.

      • Actually, it must be part of the plan – and it makes perfect sense. They should not provide free voice and video at their expense – server and network support – until they can monetize it fully. If you want voice and video, get a BlackBerry. Even so, all other features of BBM will be supported and supported well for free. Folks can get on and become part of the social community, just like all BlackBerry users can today.
        Let’s not minimize what this means for the company. It is a huge step for the company! Perhaps in the future, voice and video will come to iOS and Android, but only when it makes sense to do so.

      • It will be interesting to see whether the Android and iOS versions will be fully featured eventually or whether the BlackBerry version will always have the edge.

        • I’m sure, in time… wait for it 🙂
          There are a lot of smart people at work in this company, trying to shift the business from being mostly product based to one much heavily weighted towards services.
          The company is still transitioning from a smartphone business to a mobile computing business, but hit a snag with the PlayBook because of poor marketing – not because the PlayBook tablet was a bad idea. It wasn’t. I hope Thorsten gives it another look as I will soon have to replace my PlayBook for something bigger and more powerful.

          • What I mean is, I wonder if they will always keep the BlackBerry version one step ahead in terms of functionality to give it a unique selling point for their handsets?

            It’s certainly a shame what happened to the PlayBook.

    • Problem is they are, once again, now having to fight from the losing position against Whatsapp. Purely their own fault…

  2. Well, it’s not that bad if voice and screen sharing still come this fall. That’s when it will really be awesome, but that gives us time to motivate everyone to switch.

  3. They dumped the links.

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