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BlackBerry VP Marty Mallick Explains How BlackBerry is "Aggressively Recruiting" Apps


BlackBerry VP Marty Mallick is responsible for making sure 3rd party apps come to the BlackBerry 10 platform. He sat down with eWeek recently to explain “the holdup” and how “BlackBerry is aggressively recruiting apps.” Its an interesting interview with Mallick coming off as defensive at first though it explains what BlackBerry is doing to alleviate the problem. I think this was the most telling part of the interview:

"So, to your question of whose end is the issue on, I’d say for the most part … it’s a business decision from those application providers, [regarding] when is the right time for them to support a new platform," BlackBerry is doing everything it can to encourage the vendors, including offering tech support, free tools and "opportunities related to their business," Mallick said. For each vendor, it customizes its pitch.

"We really look and say, ‘What are the motivators, what are the obstacles preventing you?’ In some cases, it’s marketing support. … In other cases, it’s maintenance," said Mallick. "To be clear, in cases where it’s warranted, we do offer funding, to help bring people to the platform."

Mallick also pointed out how eWeek’s top 10 list of apps missing on BlackBerry 10 are all companies that BlackBerry has relationships with. BlackBerry has already presented them with a package expressing the opportunity and the support BlackBerry would give them.

Its a good interview to read over at eWeek. Let us know what more you think BlackBerry should be doing to accelerate app growth of high demand apps.

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  1. They can’t do much more. Bigger companies have 5 year strategies and roadmaps and can’t really change course just because someone just flashes some cash. Apps have to be supported long term.

  2. Delighted to see that banking app for first direct has appeared,, coincidentally after I had a conversation with Barclays my current bank, about their plans. Barclays aggressively push their mobile app solution to account holders but have no plans to create or move one to os10… Fine … I can move my account to first direct which is has far far superior customers service anyway than Barclays, AND offers must better savings rates

  3. Unless a suitor, and one who carries some stick, comes along and buys BlackBerry, I see no reason that developers are going to be tempted. Prior to the recent and disastrous financials, BB had at least an aspiration to persuade. Now, losing both cash and subscriber base, along with a pathetic 1.1% of the US market, they have no chance whatsoever.

    Who created this debacle? Not Thorsten Heins. It was several years of mind numbing hubris by the founders that dug a hole so deep that not even Jobs could have succeeded.

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