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Why It Would Be A Mistake For BlackBerry, Or Most Smartphone Vendors, To Go Android

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I keep on hearing this speculation on what would have happened if BlackBerry had just gone with Android instead of developing BlackBerry 10. I have answered this quite a few times personally and BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins has also stated that it would have just been an arms race of small hardware differentiators. Mary at ZDNet does a great job of breaking down in a nutshell why it would be and continues to be a bad idea for any vendor. The main problem is that Samsung is the only company really making any money on Android. Just to give you an idea Samsung MADE 94.7% of all Android profits in Q1 2013. That left LG with 2.5% and the last 2.7% for the remaining Android vendors like Sony, HTC and Google’s Motorola. On top of that Samsung is making the money because they make the screens, processors, and flash memory that goes into the phones.

In other words BlackBerry going to Android would have probably been a unmitigated disaster…

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  1. Absolutlely. Agree Ronen! BB10 was and is the best way to go. My friend has a Z10 and everyone who sees it are jealous – Iphone and Android users. Unfortunately, he cannot really recommend the Z10, due to BlackBerry’s uncertain future. BlackBerry, get that marketing machine going.

  2. Android would have been a disaster, I said that all along also. Competing with low margin hardware vs. Samsung is crazy. Look where HTC is.

    Keep plugging away Waterloo, sales will gain traction. it took Windows a while also.

  3. If they went Android, I don’t know what the government would have done…
    Also, it’s just a matter of time and recognition. If they were expecting people to jump on the BlackBerry wagon so soon without even having 10.2 out then they must be on something…no BIG name apps, no extra core features and bells and whistles is a major let down.
    They key is time…meanwhile steer away from Android…

  4. Android is a joke, complete rubbish for obvious reasons.

    What BBRY MUST DO is pay big money for high profile apps which would make the News., such as Netflix and Instagram.

    For example, my friends sister loves the Z10 and blows away her S3. She’s in the market for a new phone, and the only thing keeping her away from the Z10 is no Instagram app.

    She hasn’t chosen but I did show how to get a Droid app ported to BB10 including Instagram. Her eyes balls lit up with excitement.

    This is why high profile apps and most popular MUST GET ONTO BBRT ASAP.

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