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BlackBerry US Market Share Still Topping Windows Phone

 comScore Reports June 2013

A few readers have pointed out the latest ComScore data to come out on market share for smartphone OEMs. The latest data shows BlackBerry having only 4.4% of the smartphone platform pie vs having 5.2% 3 months ago. On the other hand the next competitor down is Microsoft which sits at 3.1% market share compared to 3.0% market share 3 months ago. Both of those are not ideal situations but it just goes to show that this is still a race for 3rd place. Right now Windows Phone is struggling to become relevant though people seem to think it might have a chance of success over BlackBerry 10 due to Microsoft’s deep pockets. It seems like even Microsoft’s deep pockets can only move the needle 0.1% with Nokia launching flagship new Windows Mobile phones…

Here is to hoping BlackBerry has a way to turn back this downward market share trend soon!

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  1. Yes they only needled 0.1%, but blackberry went down by 0.8%.

    I rather be positive 0.1 then negative 0.8 — no matter the initial amounts.

    Long term they are still at a decline.

  2. This is measuring subscribers rather than quarterly sales. The fact that BlackBerry is ahead of Windows Phone by this metric shouldn’t be surprising…

  3. There were a couple of troubling things about the stats (I compared them to a comScore press release with figures ending in March 2012 as well, not just the March 2013 shown above):

    – As Mike Kay mentioned, long term, even with more people adopting smartphones (it went from more than 106 million US subscribers as of March 2012 to nearly 142 million as of June 2013) and the potential customer base growing, BlackBerry has less of the market share (4.4% June 2013 vs 12.3% March 2012) and overall subscribers (calculated from the percentages: 6.248 million June 2013 vs 13.038 million March 2012) in the US then they did a year ago.

    OS10 hasn’t done as much for them as hoped (at least in the US).

    – The pool for third place market share added up is less than the percentage and number of subscribers BlackBerry was at in March 2012 – the market share available for third place has shrunk from a possible 17.6% of 106 million (18.656 million possible subscribers) to 7.8% of 142 million (11.076 million possible subscribers). Even if all the Microsoft and Symbian users switched to BlackBerry they wouldn’t have as many subscribers as they did in March 2012 (13.038 million).

    They really need to find a way to take customers from Android and Apple.

    The recent article about the 2012 blackberry bid ( showed the bid was based on BlackBerry abandoning OS10 and embracing Android as their OS. I can’t say I personally would want BlackBerry to be an Android device, but it would likely have been easier to grab Android market share – leverage the BlackBerry name and the love people have for Android.

    • Good breakdown. Yeah it needs to find a way back into a growing position. Now it’s in a decline even with a new platform. They need to pull a rabbit out of their hat soon.

    • What they really need to do is make their market share numbers irrelevant by allowing the direct downloading and use of Android Apps. Othe rthan Apps who cares.

      • Yeah I have been advocating for that

        • Yeah, people keep saying that it’s hard to do. I think if you can create a whole OS from the ground up how can it be that hard to write some code so that Android Apps can be run. Maybe it could just be part of the “install process.”

          I also thought BB could put “tested” Android Apps up in BB World so it’s kind of a safe place to go for Android Apps.

          If Blackberry could be viewed as the “safe” Android phone I think they’d sell a lot more than they do now.

          I recently bought a Nexus 7 and I found two things. Having all the apps is nice, but also I’m general unimpressed with the Android UI/UX.

          I hope Blackberry switches quickly to allowing Android Apps. It would be Big News.

  4. Don’t journalists proofread anymore? Seems every story I read from a so called writer has errors.

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