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Got BlackBerry 10? Prepare To Be SideSwyped! You’ll Love It!


Ever since the BlackBerry PlayBook was released, side loading using an application on your computer such as DDPB, the bars of your choice, and a cable with our BlackBerry PlayBook have been used. BlackBerry 10 came out, and we have all been used to the sideloading method. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times a beta would be released and I’d have to wait anxiously to get home to hook up my BlackBerry and sideload the bar. That is until now. Meet SideSwype, the app brought to you by Devan from MyBBOTA.


The BlackBerry community should all be familiar with MyBBOTA. Devan has really put a lot of work into this app and I can’t wait to show you the features and what this app does!


So what’s so awesome about SideSwype? Imagine sideloading your BlackBerry 10 BARS and Android APKs to your BlackBerry from where your at without having to be wired to a laptop or PC. No rushing home, doing it all over the air! The app works with MyBBOTA included VPN services which lets you easily install the BAR or APK files to your BlackBerry with a need for a computer being obsolete.


Devan came up with the idea of SideSwype because he was tired of having to be at his computer to sideload any application. Being a beta tester for Blaq and others, he found didn’t feel as effective having to wait to get home to load the latest build. He had to figure out a way to do it OTA and thus SideSwype was born. Devan has been developing in C++ and Cascades, and the most important thing for him was developing SideSwype to make it as simple and easy as possible to use. It’s as simplified as it gets.




One important aspect to Devan is security when it comes to SideSwype. It’s very important and thatIMG_00001098’s why everything even though it’s sent across a VPN, is secured with another step using SSL. He’s extremely security conscious, so the app and the steps taken reflect that.



This app is as simple as it gets to install as well. You’re walked through the setting up of the VPN connection. SideSwype needs the connection to work and install your apps and games. You can do it over your mobile network or even over Wifi. With SideSwype there’s no need to be tied to any marketplace, and you don’t need to be tied to your pc. Save that usb connection and enjoy the real meaning of wireless.


The app collects NO personal information or personally identifying information. No name, email, address, etc. The SideSwype service are secure using SSL technology. The only things used are your Device Pin for install credits and your Device Serial Number for switching devices. Your information will never be sold to anybody or used in anyway, other than for the app to install your BARS.


I really like how when you install the app, you have the disclaimer which is clear and concise, then you are walked through the faqs and for your device’s Developer Mode Password. You need the password in order to install apps by sideloading just the same as you do it when hooked up to your pc. No one else is logging into your device, you just need it to install your BARS or APKs. If you don’t use the password, then nothing can be pushed to your device.

So once SideSwype is installed you will see the Settings like symbol with the big word SideSwype at the top. Below the arrow you see Install Credits. It will also tell you if you are connected to the VPN in green or not in red. If you take your finger and swype down from the top you see from left to right: Help, History, and Settings.

In Settings you’ll find the Development Mode Password, Enable/Disable Development Mode, Questions and Answers, Device Switch, and the enabling of sending Error reports. These are important and are sent with no personal or identifying information except of the BAR file that failed to install, the date and time of the failure and the error.

The History is the Installation History of SideSwype so you can view what you’ve installed on your BlackBerry Device. Help includes Configuring your VPN and has a shortcut to open VPN Settings and the directions from step a to z. In the bottom you’ll find the important information such as Acceptable Use (disclaimer) and the website link.

So this is how easy it works. You have downloaded your bars or apks to your device, microsd card, or box. Next you open SideSwype and enable Developer Mode and connect to the VPN. When the bottom bar is green and says connected, you touch the center of the picture, it brings up the options and says Select BAR or APK file at the top. Find the folder your BAR or BARS and/or APK’s are in and start loading one by one. Choose the file, and then the Install Confirmation comes up asking if you’re sure you want to install that particular one, and has three options: Install, Install and Launch, or Cancel. Once you choose Install or Install and launch, it downloads, installs and lets you know if it’s successful or not. Easy right?

This leads me to the next important thing. Install credits. So when you open SideSwype it checks for install credits and lets you know many you have. If you need install credits, prices are extremely fair. Click on the Install Credits bar and the Purchase Upload Credits links appear. You have your choices of 10 Install Credits for $.99, 35 Install Credits for $2.99, or 60 Install Credits for $4.99. Extremely inexpensive for the luxury of being wireless. You can pay by PayPal or Credit card, whichever you prefer.

I am really happy with this app, the ease of use, the reliability of the app and VPN server, the ease of purchasing credits, and installing made easy. No more running to the pc, no more feeling left out when I’m out at work, on the road, or out on the town. I can install any time any where, with total wireless freedom and secure download and installs. SideSwyped enhances the power of the BlackBerry 10 for your device. This is the app that you’ve been waiting for, hurry!

Once you get SideSwyped you’ll see how much easier you’ll find it and you’ll never want to be tied again. I can’t thank Devan enough for the hard work he put into this app and hope we see more of apps like this from him! When you install it and love it, please be sure and thank him.

You can find your copy of SideSwype here

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  1. So, if a single developer can do this, why can’t BlackBerry? Don’t get me wrong, this will many people from seasoned sideloaders to those that cant boil water, but really, why can’t BB offer this?

  2. Why is that BlackBerry doesn’t implement something similar to BlueStack’s Android emulator?

    One can understand that BB wants their customer to download all apps from BB Appworld, and thereby using the BAR format, but since many people instead sideload Android apps why not allow APKs to be directly run in the Android player?

    By registering the device ID, extracted with the “Device ID” app, to your Google Play account one could then download Android apps directly from Google Play.

    If BlueStack can do it, why can’t BB?

  3. Will SideSwype work on the Playbook?

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