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Six Months Later… Is it the BlackBerry ZED 10 or ZEE 10?

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We told you a little over six months ago that the BlackBerry Z10 had a funny pronunciation conundrum. According to BlackBerry they were going to pronounce it ZED 10 everywhere but the US where it would be called the ZEE 10. Since then I have been fighting the powers that be and trying to pronounce it the ZED 10 in the US because I think it sounds better. 🙂 This will come up again with the BlackBerry ZED 30 (Z30).

So now that it is 6 months since launch what are you calling the ZED 10 Z10? Let me know your preference and country in the comments!

PS: Its interesting to note that when you Google ZED 10 it has a sponsored ad from BlackBerry for the Z10…

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  1. I’m in the USA. I am always calling my Zed10 as Z10.

  2. I still think they need to start calling the keyboard phones “Qued 10” and “Qued 5”, just for kicks.

  3. In the USA here, and I call it the Zee10. I have never used Zed10 when talking about my Zee10.

  4. I think the name Zed10 sounds cool in the US because we don’t say that here, but I still refer to my z10 as Zee10.

  5. In the US it is a Zee10. Everywhere else in the world it is a Zed10.

  6. Being in the US, in conversation I generally refer to it as a Zee-10. But since I am Canadian, born and raised, I like to refer to it as a Zed-10 whenever I can. I labelled the device “Zed-10” so whenever it comes up on BB Link or accessing via the network, I always see it as Zed-10.

    It always bugged me how Americans thought Zed was weird. Granted, it ruins the rhyme in the song but the whole world pronounces is that way except for the US – not unlike the use of the metric system and the proper spelling of neighbour, colour and honour.

    “Why is the A-B-C in that order? Is it because of that song?”
    – Stephen Wright

  7. “Zee” here.

    I’m in South Louisiana. Around here, “Zed” is someone’s name. And someone you might not want to meet.

  8. Neither. In Brasil, it will be known as the Zê Dez. 😀

    I only call it Zed Ten if I am speaking to people that actually have a clue about smartphones.

  9. I usually call it the Zee 10, only because the unwashed masses cock their heads like a confused puppy when I say “Zed”, but I always say “the Zed” for short.

    Also, this:

    I only call it Zed Ten if I am speaking to people that actually have a clue about smartphones.

  10. Being in the US everyone says Zee…but Zed does sound a lot cooler lol

  11. It’s always been the Zed 10 for me. Like you said, Zed 10 just sounds better.

  12. I always say Z10 and not Zee10, but that’s out of habit.

  13. Here in South Africa we say Zed 10

  14. Zed 10… have to make myself to remember to say Zee10 when talking my American friends and vendors… LOL, but they all get it tho when I say Zed10 and most think it’s way cooler to say Zed10 because after all it’s a Canadian smartphone! 🙂

  15. In South Africa it’s the ZED 10

  16. Strictly Z for me.

  17. Seems like Zed is winning

  18. Zeeeeee!

  19. 5.75 Billion people can’t be wrong – it is ZED 10.
    I find it odd that Americans get so invested in the zee thing. ZED sounds strong-zee sounds sissy/hissy.
    This from the nation that routinely change spellings and pronunciations.
    Adapt- ZED 10.


  20. Seriously, why raise this issue Ronen. Canadians & Americans and our brothers in other English speaking countries have small dialect differences. I can’t stand some folks stressing those differences, calling it the “ZED 10”, which comes across as an insult to others who may pronounce it the ZEE 10. What’s the difference? It’s the letter “Z” – however you pronounce it.

    Folks here are taking the conversation in fine jest, and that’s cool. If everyone just respects others for their differences that’s where we need to be.

    • I don’t think it’s an issue. I just find the Zed 10 name sounds like a cooler product than the Zee 10. Since they are both officially the correct pronunciation it’s interesting to see who uses what

  21. It has been zee in the US since Webster put it in his dictionary. And I think it sounds “cool” because it is different. Here in the US we like to be fair so, it cannot be Zed after all, then it would be the only letter in the alphabet that would have 2 different consonants in it.

  22. Zed all the way, baby. My super Zed, as my friends have come to know it. 🙂

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