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Have a BlackBerry PlayBook? Origami Browser Will Breath New Life Into It! (Free)

 Origami Browser

I have been following an interesting development where the CrackBerry forums community has banded together to support a new browser for the discarded BlackBerry PlayBook. I have to say I am HUGELY impressed with the results. The Origami Browser is a totally native browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook that really blows away the native browser. Its like someone went down a wish list of features for the native Browser and built them all. This includes ad blocking, download manager, easy tabs, bookmarklets, gestures, one click JS and Flash toggle, password manager, etc.

The best part is that Origami Browser is totally free though I HIGHLY recommend sending a donation their way. You can check out the browser for yourself in BlackBerry World. I can’t wait to see where they take this project… Kudos to everyone involved and let us know if we can help!

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  1. Downloading it now, and cannot wait to try it out. Hopefully its a lot faster than the PB’s original browser.

  2. Cool, definitely going to check this out.

  3. Wow, thanks for the tip. Will download when I get home.

  4. I installed it and playing with it now,thanks.

  5. Hats off to the developer. Thumbs down to Heins and Co. for abandoning PB users.

  6. DARN IT I was supposed to buy one off of one of the whiners before this happened… ugh I snoozed I loozed….

  7. Yeah I’m really impressed with the app

  8. Shame on BB for abandoning the playbook, its a shame that they would develop a BBM app for iOS and andriod, but thought it too hard to create a version for the Playbook. They should be ashamed of themselves for insulting their loyal customer in this way.

    • That’s a little harsh. They made a mistake, and they will make more. All the tech companies do (remember Windows ME? Remember the Apple Newton? Remember the Android and iOS?). Keep moving, wherever your movement takes you.

      • I don’t think it’s too harsh. BlackBerry made a commitment to support the PlayBook and because they couldn’t put BB10 OS on it, they stopped supporting it altogether. I understand they’re focusing on BB10 phones now, but they could have at least provided updates to PlayBook OS.

        • We should the owners of the Playbook should all file a class action lawsuit against BB for selling us a device and not supporting it, it is indeed a shame what they have done. I am sure they are going to loose a lot of loyal customers over this none support.

  9. Oh boy, I thought that this was about the Origami browser, which happens to be very nice indeed.

  10. At first I was irritated but now I am frustrated to the point of chucking my phone and BB Playbook and going over to Apple. Apps like Bus time tables and routes for Lothian buses in Edinburgh, Scotland, will only run on Apple or Android Devices. Many other apps are developed for Apple and Android only and mostly free where one has to pay for Angry Bird games on BB.
    If BB want to increase their share of the business in the UK they should develop an App which translates from Apple and Android and better still build it into new devices to run automatically. Having bought a mobile Broadband modem from O2 I find that I can run two Apple iPads, an iPod and even a Nintendo DS3 for members of my family but can not use it for my BB Playbook. I am writing this on an older laptop running Windows 7.

  11. I am bught bb playbook, and i am disipointed.


    The playbook original browser always gets into my nerves.

    I just tried the origami browser and its everything i wished for. though many complains from other users say that it crashes easily. I hope from the developers to fix this issue.


    Thank you,

  13. I downloaded and tried the Origami browser and like it, but I can’t seem to keep my bookmarks after closing the browser. The next time I open Origami my saved bookmarks are not there. Help.

  14. Whoops, I see where the bookmarks are. Thanks anyway.

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