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Account Colors and Priority Indicators Added in BlackBerry OS 10.2 Hub

Message Colors3 Priority Hub

BlackBerry added two new indicators in the BlackBerry OS 10.2 beta that I am really digging. First is a simple rule set that will highlight “priority” emails based on a simple ruleset like conversations you started or having the same last name as you or simply having the Important flag set. Priority emails get a slight red line to the right of the email as an indicator.

Message Colors Message Colors2

The Account Colors is actually a feature I appreciate more and has been improved from legacy BlackBerry devices. It allows you to set a color indicator to the left of every email in the hub that indicates which email address received it. Since I have 4 email addresses this is a godsend! Sadly there are only six color options but hopefully more are coming. The ones offered are pretty high contrast. You can set this option by going into the hub, hitting the menu button, selection settings, scrolling down and selecting email account, and then clicking on an email account and changing the color.

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  1. Colours appear to be to the left of the message.

  2. Right, if its a priority item….

  3. Yeah sorry guys for the mix up. I’ll correct it.

  4. Any word on BBRY including a “Default back to main Hub view” setting in BB10.2?

    • What do you mean?

      • Ronen,
        I’m hoping that BBRY adds a Hub setting to default back to the main Hub view either after a certain time (ie. 30 seconds, a minute, etc.) or after you click out and click back into the Hub. I don’t like it when I click into an account in the Hub, exit, and then go back in and I’m still back in that account (i.e. text messages).

        I’m also hoping they eventually add back in the robust search functionality from BB7 into future iterations of BB10. I loved the fact that I could press ALT+A in the email and find all emails with attachments.

  5. It would be nice, if BlackBerry includes the ability to hold down on the interactive notifications on the lockscreen to go directly to the hub.

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