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Dear BlackBerry… Please Let Us Hide Icons on BlackBerry 10… Pretty Please?

useless icons

The BerryReview team has been having a blast digging into BlackBerry 10.2 this weekend. I am impressed that BlackBerry is getting back its flair for the small details and usability again. The thing that really disappointed me to discover is that we are still at square 1 when it comes to app management. BlackBerry has so far decided to not allow users to hide icons in the application drawer. This is something BlackBerry users have been able to do for years and was taken away in BlackBerry 10. I have asked a few friends at BlackBerry and they recommended I just put icons I want to hide in folders. This has led to me having a slew of hidden icon folders just to get the crap out of the way but sadly even that is limited to 12 or 16 hidden icons per folder.

So I have to ask our dear BlackBerry 10 OS developers. Can we please get you to see the light and banish this ridiculous restriction? You have to understand our desire to hide a redundant phone icon when there is a phone icon on every screen…

Pretty please?

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  1. I wouldn’t call smart tags useless, coming from Windows Phone (and used to have Bing Vision), Smart Tags is a god-sent.

    But I agree: all the others are useless.

  2. Just create a folder for all icons you don’t want to see and drop them all in there. One icon for all you don’t want to see, and you can find them if you ever need them

    • That Screenshot above is the useless icons folder. One of 3 I have on my Q10.

      • Hi Ronen,
        In an earlier thread I asked you about the model of Z10 being sold in Israel.
        The answer is the following:
        Carrier: Pelephone SLT100_2
        Orange I have seen a thread stating the same.
        Now that I have bought the Z10 and really enjoying the simplicity of the
        OS 10.1there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed.
        Q. In Hebrew the names are aligned from right to left.
        Do you have any idea how to accomplice that?
        ,Thank you very much.

  3. I’m using the same name for the folder 😀
    I don’t think it’s going to be in 10.2. Maybe in 10.2 MR…

  4. you don’t use Setup or the Camera, hmmm

  5. I am simply bored and tired with the many silly things in the BB10 that make the otherwise fantastic experience a real pain in the @s. What’s the use of a nice screen with extraordinary colors and resolution just to be blocked by those humongous icons? Can you please, at least help me and inform me how is it possible to create a “junk folder” ?

  6. Creating a junk folder is easy, just drag 2 unwanted icons together and rename the folder name prompt to what you want. This is easy … And neat and far less complex than the hidden icon rubbish on the old OS… Does no one remember the technical issues with hidden icons on old releases and themes… I do. Quit moaning and push for something genuinely innovative and useful

  7. Just because they had technical issues doing something simple before hand doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. Yes setup is useless once you have setup the device the first time. The camera icon is just idiotic because it is at the bottom of every single page. It’s stuck there yet I still need another icon randomly taking up space?

  8. I just got my Z10 a week ago and I’m still playing with it. I remember reading early on that some icons moved into such folders would re-populate themselves back to their original places after a re-start. I can’t remember which ones, but they may have been the carrier related icons (like AT&Ts “family map” or the “myat&t” browser link icon). Does that still happen or was I imagining that?

    • The Sim Card icon will not stay in my “Junk” folder for me.

      • That may have been what I heard about. I’ve gone ahead and stuck my 3 AT&T specific icons in an unused folder. I wonder if the Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare (which I never use) icons will stay in such a folder. Guess I’ll find out.

  9. My Junk folder looks a lot like yours, I created it about 5 minutes after getting my Z-10. I never really thought about the hiding feature, it would be nice to have back though. One thing I really wish they would do is provide a list view of apps as an alternative to the icon grid. My Brother has a Windows Phone and that is the default and it is so much more useful and elegant in my opinion.

  10. This is the biggest reason I am sticking with my Torch 9850 and not moving forward to BB10…It has nothing to do with the fact that I am on Sprint and they have yet to offer me a BB10 device and it REALLY has nothing to do with the fact that I am totally in love with that Z30 and will wait as long as needed to get it.

    Can anyone else hear my sarcasm and yet pain in that rant as well?? LOL

    • Me too! I am grandfathered with VZW on unlimited data besides. All that would change if I switched to a 4G Z10.

  11. Come on BB, give us some good apps to hide icons.

  12. For Joel,

    I have deleted quite a few apps going to the BB world/my apps and was able to remove
    the following apps the ones pre installed.
    With them the Icons.
    Hope this helps.

  13. Z10 connects to my Bluetooth in car ok and I can answer and talk on phone. I can’t hear GPS verbal instructions on phone speakers and have to watch the phone screen. Also can’t listen to iheart radio on phone speakers. Both GPS and iheart work ok when phone is not connected to Bluetooth. My old BB Bold phone speakers worked ok even when connected to Bluetooth.

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