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BlackBerry OS 10.2 Gets User Compiled Change Log for Improvements – Add Your Own!

BlackBerry 102 Screens BlackBerry 102 Screens2

The latest proper OS 10.2 leak has taken the hardcore BlackBerry 10 user community by storm. It has some awesome new improvements that remind us of the BlackBerry we love. Our friend Piotr over at has been compiling his own change log (in Polish) of what is coming in v10.2 of the BlackBerry 10 OS. There are some great goodies in here so if you have not loaded up 10.2 or want to see why it is worth upgrading check out the list below: (my favorites are highlighted!)

BlackBerry 102 Screens3 BlackBerry 102 Screens4

  • Performance
    • Clearly improved system performance, application support (including Android Player) and animation
  • BlackBerry Hub
    • New "Priority" with the ability to establishing automatic priority rules (For example, based on senders name…)
    • Differentiation between priority messages in the hub (red bar on the right)
    • Shortcut to a list of all attachments
  • Notifications
    • New visual notification on the lock screen (just click on the notification icon to expand)
    • The new "fast" actionable notification at the top of the screen (in any application) with the ability to respond and take action without running dedicated applications (mostly)
    • A separate notification for each group of BBM (FINALLY!!!!)

BlackBerry 102 Screens5 BlackBerry 102 Screens6

  • Home Screen
    • A new quick settings menu with additional buttons and change of appearance
    • Dedicated access icon for BlackBerry Hub
    • New default wallpaper
  • System Applications
    • Task Manager, which allows such check which applications are taxing your system and battery
    • Weather app with a fresh look
    • Native application Evernote
    • New indicator for data
    • Remember gets extensive improvements including a search option
    • Changing some elements of the Music app’s UI
  • Default Applications
    • Ability to select and / or change the default applications that run on certain activities / references
  • Relations
    • Displays the total number of contacts
  • Phone
    • You can send a predefined SMS when you reject a call
  • UI
    • Simplification of many interface elements, improved buttons and sliders
  • Settings
    • This finally is a native app. No more slow adobe AIR
    • Change the look of some of the UI elements
  • Share
    • A new screen with a preview of the file sharing
    • Ability to edit photos directly from this screen before sending
  • Keyboard
    • The different sounds of clicks for keys other than letters / numbers
    • Vibration alerts can be activated by the introduction of an automatic change / amendment of the word
  • Clock
    • More than one alarm – for the first time in BlackBerry OS, you can set more than one alarm at a time. Access to this feature can be accessed directly by an icon on the screen watch, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • The camera, camera and photo
    • New shortcut to the location settings geolocation photos
    • Preview transmitted images
    • The camera can now turn on a grid
    • After shooting, just drag its thumbnail in the top and then on one of the display in such case the – delete or share
  • Connections
    • WiFi Direct
    • New categories of tags NFC Smart Tags
  • Personalization
    • Ability basic photo editing and to set as wallpaper
  • Voice Dialing
    • Additional features for advanced voice dialing
  • Browser
    • New loading bar browser
    • Longer holding the "Back" button in your browser calls the abbreviated browsing history
    • Reversible color reader mode (white text on a black background)
    • The smaller top bar with information about the
  • Other
    • New recordings instructional
    • More instructions on the screen when you first start and configuration
    • New information after a screenshot – the amount of free memory
    • The new interface operations copy / paste

(I did my best to translate from Polish using Google translate)

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  1. “Changing some elements of the Music app’s UI”

    I really hope they add ability to browse for music, lack of that was a total disappointment for most users who go by folderized music instead of relying on ID3 tags.

    So, no new keyboard shortcuts, no way to indicate when an e-mail is replied or not when looking at an e-mail in Outlook, 30 days or Forever but not in between? Any improvement to maps like satellite, street view, better traffic (traffic was a disaster compared to google maps), how about Blackberry Travel? Bridge? Nope?

    I am pretty sure there are a whole lot of new features that we willl see when the official change log is posted, but even above, they are covering only a fraction of what’s needed to make OS10 fully useful.

    • Some kids are happy when they get an ice cream cone…other kids whine and cry until they get the whole tub of ice cream

      • Better go slow eating that ice cream, might give you brain freeze.
        Kids will be happy with ice cream, we adults don’t care about it and if it means kids will be quiet, we will buy a cone.

        I am sure you must be very happy that there is now a different set of sounds for the keyboard based on characters. Where is the party? OS10 is now complete!

  2. A great feature which is not on the list is accounts colour.

  3. Under System Applications, there is a “New indicator for data”

    What is that referring to?

  4. Awesome. Didn’t even catch that one. Going up now!

  5. I was overjoyed to see native Evernote. But … not so fast. As soon as I log in it tells me there’s a new version in BlackBerry World. There is… but BBWorld tells me that it’s not for my device. And you can’t get past that. So I’m stuck with native Evernote which I can’t use.

  6. Two Android-related observations:
    — I have a small data plan and like to turn data off when I can. I noticed that when Android apps do a connectivity check, it will often fail if the cellular data is off even if connected to Wi-Fi. For some applications it’s a deal-breaker. For some (e.g. Poynt) it will give you a warning but you could continue and you’re fine. It was particularly a problem with Waze. It never gets route, ETA info, etc unless the mobile data is on. I first thought this might be fixed in 10.2 but alas, it is not.

    — A known bug with Waze is that when you’re navigating the ETA shown on the bottom is in GMT. I have reason to believe that although it is a Waze bug, it has to do with the communication between the Android runtime and the BB System. This is also still an issue.

  7. Two interesting discoveries regarding email:
    — When setting up a GMail based account you are actually given a true Google login screen. The significance of this is for those using 2-step verification. You no longer have to use an app-specific password. The login will take you through the standard 2-step.

    — When searching my email I discovered that I am given the option to do a Remote Search on my Hotmail account! I was very disappointed that we lost the ability to do this in GMail which was a great feature on legacy BB’s. Still not sure why it’s not available on GMail.

  8. Another Interesting Revelation:
    If you use password-protection (as all us sideloaders must) there is an option in Security to use a Simple Password which is only numeric. I actually find this preferable to the alpha password because you are given a numeric keyboard which allows you to hit the buttons much faster without making mistakes which always happened when entering my alpha-numeric password – especially first thing in the morning.

  9. Am trying to use the hot spot on the new os and it isn’t working. What can I do.

  10. I found a 4.1-compatible version of the new Google Maps here. I sideloaded it and all I can say is WOW! Is it ever slick. Street View is really smooth and supports movement from the phone’s accelerometer. Can’t recall if that was possible before. The only thing that it’s missing, of course, is the ability to integrate with your account. Anyone have any luck getting GoogleServicesFramework into BB’s Android runtime?

    • I did use several different versions of Google Maps but the problem I had was that it was not simply google maps, the application was more like a navigation and whenever BB went into sleep (screen turned off) the application would go back to home screen, there was no way to keep the map view running. Same thing happened when I switched apps. Is that still the same with the version you are using?

  11. Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about. But that was the older version of Google Maps. This is the brand new version Google recently released. The maps have a new look and the whole app is redesigned. You will NOT have that problem on this one. Anyone who’s taken the time to load the 10.2 leak – definitely worth taking a look at the new Google Maps.
    Looking forward to having it navigate me home today 🙂

    • Looking forward to seeing you get home safely :p Reminds me of the Allstate’s “mayhem” commercial.

      Any improvements to Skype? If we got maps working, that’s one huge plus for BB10. Next up is Skype, BBM for Android and Improvements to Email App.. I believe we will see more than what Ronen got above when official change log is released.

      • With Skype I can tell you this:
        The BB version for 10.1 was junk for me. I need to log in with my Microsoft credentials and every time it failed for some unknown reason. Now, on the leaked 10.2, magically it works. Not sure why there would be a difference.

  12. In other minor app upgrade news – previously I’ve been able to sideload the Amazon app but whenever I tried to use the barcode scanning feature of the app it would crash. Not anymore on 10.2!!

  13. Another significant application availability upgrade with 10.2:
    I tried many times to sideload the Feedly app with no success. I would get the opening screen and it would just sit there. But now, with 10.2 I tried the Feedly sideload again and it works!!

    There is one downside I’ve discovered. Jelly Bean is a little tighter on security so some stuff that used to work no longer works. Catlog, for example, which I used to see the logs and figure out why some apps aren’t working, is no longer able to access the logs without root. Also Mint used to work fine even on 10.0, even without any sideloading tricks. Now it crashes.

  14. No Japanese input method yet . . . ? (Input and UI translation for Korean was included in 10.1. )

    • Yeah it seems like Japanese is still out of the question

    • Yep, I don’t see Japanese either…

      “qwerty_af” : “Afrikaans (QWERTY)”,
      “arabic” : “\u0627\u0644\u0639\u0631\u0628\u064A\u0629”,
      “azerty” : “AZERTY”,
      “qwertz” : “QWERTZ”,
      “qwerty_ca” : “Català (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_cz” : “Čeština (QWERTY)”,
      “qwertz_cz” : “Čeština (QWERTZ)”,
      “qwerty”: “QWERTY”,
      “qwerty_da” : [“Nordisk (QWERTY)”,”Dansk (QWERTY)”],
      “azerty_da” : [“Nordisk (AZERTY)”,”Dansk (AZERTY)”],
      “qwertz_da” : [“Nordisk (QWERTZ)”,”Dansk (QWERTZ)”],
      “qwertz_de” : “Deutsch (QWERTZ)”,
      “qwerty_en_US” : “English(US) (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_en_GB” : “English(UK) (QWERTY)”,
      “greek” : “\u0395\u03BB\u03BB\u03B7\u03BD\u03B9\u03BA\u03AC”,
      “qwerty_es” : “Español (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_eu” : “Euskara (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_fi” : [“Pohjoismainen (QWERTY)”, “Suomi (QWERTY)”],
      “azerty_fi” : [“Pohjoismainen (AZERTY)”, “Suomi (AZERTY)”],
      “qwertz_fi” : [“Pohjoismainen (QWERTZ)”, “Suomi (QWERTZ)”],
      “azerty_fr” : “Français (AZERTY)”,
      “qwerty_fr_CA” : “Français (Canada) (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_gl” : “Galego (QWERTY)”,
      “hebrew” : “\u05E2\u05D1\u05E8\u05D9\u05EA”,
      “qwerty_hg” : “Hinglish (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_hr” : “Hrvatski (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_hu” : “Magyar (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_id” : “Bahasa Indonesia (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_it” : “Italiano (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_jv” : “Basa Jawa (QWERTY)”,
      “korean” : “한국어”,
      “qwerty_ms” : “Bahasa Malaysia (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_nb” : [“Nordisk (QWERTY)”, “Norsk (QWERTY)”],
      “azerty_nb” : [“Nordisk (AZERTY)”, “Norsk (AZERTY)”],
      “qwertz_nb” : [“Nordisk (QWERTZ)”, “Norsk (QWERTZ)”],
      “qwerty_nl” : “Nederlands (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_pl” : “Polski (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_pt” : “Português (Europeu) (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_pt_BR” : “Português (Brasil) (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_ro” : “Română (QWERTY)”,
      “ru” : “\u0420\u0443\u0441\u0441\u043A\u0438\u0439”,
      “qwerty_su” : “Basa Sunda (QWERTY)”,
      “qwertz_sk” : “Slovensky (QWERTZ)”,
      “qwertz_sl” : “Slovenščina (QWERTZ)”,
      “qwertz_sr” : “Srpski (Latinica) (QWERTZ)”,
      “qwerty_sv” : [“Nordiska (QWERTY)”,”Svenska (QWERTY)”],
      “azerty_sv” : [“Nordiska (AZERTY)”,”Svenska (AZERTY)”],
      “qwertz_sv” : [“Nordiska (QWERTZ)”,”Svenska (QWERTZ)”],
      “thai_4_row” : [“”,”แป้นพิมพ์ 4 แถวภาษาไทย”],
      “thai_reduced” : [“” , “แป้นพิมพ์แบบย่อภาษาไทย”],
      “qwerty_q_tr” : “Basitleştirilmiş (QWERTY)”,
      “azerty_tr” : “Basitleştirilmiş (AZERTY)”,
      “qwertz_tr” : “Basitleştirilmiş (QWERTZ)”,
      “qwerty_f_tr” : [“”,”Türkçe F”],
      “qwerty_tr” : [“”, “Türkçe Q”],
      “qwerty_tl” : “Filipino (QWERTY)”,
      “qwerty_vn” : “tiếng Việt (QWERTY)”,
      “azerty_vn” : “tiếng Việt (AZERTY)”,
      “qwertz_vn” : “tiếng Việt (QWERTZ)”,
      “ko_dubeolsik_hangul” : ” 한국어”,
      “pinyin” : “pinyin”,
      “pinyin_qwerty” : “拼音(简体中文)”,
      “pinyin_3x4” : “拼音3×4”,
      “pinyin_qwerty” : “拼音(繁體中文)”,
      “bopomofo” : “注音”,
      “handwriting” : “手写/手寫”,
      “pinyin_flick” : “Pinyin Flick”,
      “stroke” : “笔画/筆畫”,
      “5stroke” : “笔画/筆畫”

  15. I would like to have new line.

    I think the easy way to do it, without changing the keyboard interface, is to create a shortcut.


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