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WSJ Claims FBI is Remotely Hacking Android & Laptop Microphones to Track Suspects


Now here is an interesting wrinkle. If you are familiar with spyware you probably aware that hackers can attempt to gain control of your computer and use it against you. Law enforcement adopted this tactic with their own hackers since the beginning of the century to catch criminals, log their keyboard, and more. Now the WSJ claims that they have confirmation that the FBI is doing just that with Android phones remotely. They don’t have much in terms of details but supposedly the FBI has a way to remotely hack Android phones and tap into the microphone. They do something similar with computers using the microphone and video camera if they are plugged in.

The big question is how the FBI is executing these remote taps. If they are installing malicious software on the device when they have it in their possession then this is not a big deal. On the other hand if they are exploiting vulnerabilities (or possibly even a back door) remotely then that is a totally different story. Still the Android OS core is reviewed by quite a few people trying to build ROMs so I am not sure how a back door would be missed.

Check out the fear mongering story over at the WSJ. In short there really is no privacy expectations in the digital world.

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  1. re: “In short there really is no privacy expectations in the digital world.”

    This is a false misstatement. People have the same privacy expectations wherever they are whatever they are doing. It is the dystopian oppressive governments that claim, “there is no privacy expectations in the digital world.” It is their whipping boy gestapos that violate The People’s rights and freedoms endlessly daily all over the Republic. That will come to end or the Republic will; both cannot coexist. The world’s greatest terrorists are alive and well in WAShington, District of Criminals; the rest are in your state capitals. ©2013

  2. Who cares? I don’t think anyone in America society cares at all. I don’t think the U.S citizens who work at the F.B.I who are given this enormous power care. I think people only care about their own prejudices whether religious or racial and nothing else enters into mind. So its like a beast devouring and destroying and has no mind, heart or conscious.

  3. Ironic, I read that Samsung was nearing a deal, where their Android phones would be used by the FBI.

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