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More Screenshots of BBM for Android

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  1. Ah well, that’s what I feared. BB10 UI on Android…

    • Yeah I am not sure what they are going for. I guess it has to do with how smooth it works. Might get people used to BB10

      • exactly. They will experience BB10 and maybe realize its quite good. This will be the BB brand ambassador.

        Now if RIm could work on an ecosystem now…

    • I would think a lot of users wouldn’t even know it’s BlackBerry UI, lots of apps have their own UI different from Android.

  2. I bet the app is going to be tens of megabytes big because they basically created a “Cascades Player” for Android and run the app on top of it.

    They should have built the app from scratch using the Android/iOS UX. The app will look out of place and not behave as expected for an Android user. Hardly a reason to switch to BB10.

    • I sort of agree. They should build the app based on the platform not based on its origin. I wonder if it will have gestures.

    • Your are guessing/making assumptions and then making derisive remarks. why don’t you wait, try it out before bad mouthing? if it sucks then absolutely dump on it and if it is good give them credit. Its more healthy and constructive.

    • WordPress ofr BB10 is an android port that behaves as a native BB10 app. It has gestures and all that.

      I see no reason why they couldn’t code the app natively and STILL make it behave as it does on a BB10 phone.

      What’s the point of having a flag on enemy territory is people can’t tell your colors?

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