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Keep Your Passwords And Personal Data Safe With PassCrypt


If anyone has ever read any of my writing, you’d know that I really place a lot of importance in security and that’s another reason I value my BlackBerry so much. Any software that becomes available that enhances that security is even more appealing to me. This caught my eye and I know that there are others out there who feel the same. Check out PassCrypt by SCrApps in BlackBerry World.


So what is PassCrypt? Here’s the excerpt from BlackBerry World:

PassCrypt is more than just a password keeper; PassCrypt is a data encrypter.
PassCrypt is free to use for up to 4 entries; with a single in-app purchase, you can save as many entries as you want and remove ads forever.


Features included are:

  • Save unlimited Passwords/Data (up to 5mb (theoretical limit)) of encrypted text – that’s a lot. (Free Version, save up to 4).
  • No advertising in Pro version.
  • Unbeatable security.
  • Real-time encryption updates while typing.
  • Backup Encrypted Data to Device Memory.
  • Restore backed up data.
  • 6 included categories: Online, Other, Credit, Banks, Personal, and Text (notes).
  • Save backed up data to Remember/Evernote, send via email, or other installed apps.
  • Available for BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Q5.
  • BlackBerry Peek and Flow.
  • Native.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Unparalleled developer support.


I’ve included the instructions then I’m going to give my view of using it and setting it up.


Here are the directions from the developer:

  1. Any data saved the app is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption. AES 256 bit encryption has never been cracked. With current technology, it is estimated that the time to brute force an AES 256 bit encryption is 3.31×10^56 years (that’s longer than scientists estimate the universe has existed).
  2. When you close the app, your Passphrase is deleted from memory and
  3. For convenience, the encrypted can be exported. Remember, AES 256 bit encryption.
  4. When you minimize the app, you must enter your Passphrase again.
  5. Restoring a backup restores the hash of your Passphrase (remember, hashes are unencryptable), preventing anyone from accessing the app without your Passphrase after a restore.

Note: Please make it a passphase only you will remember and make it one you can’t forget because if you forget it, the developer won’t be able to help, because they do not keep records of this. Big key to remember and the most important of it all.


I downloaded and installed PassCrypt. I really like how the app opens and allows you to set your passphrase. After creating it, you can click the + tab to add new data to encrypt. It allows you to name it and categorize it. Super easy. The other tab allows you to decrypt your data as well.

When you close out of PassCrypt and open it back up, it will prompt you to enter your passphrase. No passphrase, no entry.

I’m really impressed with this five star app. I never used Password Keeper before but with PassCrypt, I’m glad I waited for just the right app to come along. Now the ads are in the free version, however the Pro version with no ads is an in app purchase and is only $1.99. It also allows you to store more passwords than just four.

If you place as much importance on data as I do, then you really need to check out PassCrypt. Let us know what you think!

Download PassCrypt FREE from BlackBerry World here

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  1. What are the advantages compared to an app like Lastpass?

  2. ofutur, tbh I haven’t found interest in Lastpass, however subscriptions like a dollar a month instead of a one time fee are the least wanted in my opinion. I did away with Pandora and other apps for that same reason, but that’s just my opinion.

    • I agree. $12/y is a bit steep if one only needs the note taking feature, but notes to get safely stored in the cloud. That’s a nice bonus until PassCrypt releases a server side component letting us do the same 🙂

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