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BlackBerry 10.1 MR Lets You Gesture Between Messages & More

Swipe Between Messages

I have been begging BlackBerry to add more swipe gestures in the BlackBerry Hub and it seems like they are listening. Michael Clewley just revealed a much needed yet unintuitive (until you know it) gesture to swipe between messages in the BlackBerry 10 hub in the latest OS 10.1 Maintenance Release (and many leaks). You simply swipe back like the peek gesture and then continue it up or down to swipe to the previous or next message. Its still slow and has too much animation for my taste but its better than nothing! Hopefully they speed it up.

BlackBerry also added the the ability to hit the “U” key on BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 devices to go to the next unread message. Now I just need a quick shortcut to only show unread messages in a custom search. Here is to hoping we get many many more of these refinements!

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  1. I find the new gesture awkward to use…
    – There is still an animation. why?!?
    – You can scroll up/down more than one message if you do a longer swipe
    – It doesn’t work any more once you hit a text message…

  2. I wish BlackBerry would add a gesture to determine to delete a message. I would suggest the ability to draw a small x on the message.

  3. I like it, and don’t mind the initial animation as the quick preview helps and it stays with the peek and flow motion, but once you navigate up or down then release it is too slow to animate the close then the open email. Like ofutur says they should add a long swipe to pick more than one message but while you are swiping the message preview updates as well then you just release to open, can skip the close animation…but great addition. The update adds some overall speed increases too which is great.

  4. That would be cool. The update adds some overall speed increases too which is great.

  5. I’m just now seeing this article and learning of this gesture! haha Anyway, it won’t let you scroll past the current day’s messages, FYI.

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