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BeMaps Recreates Google Maps on BlackBerry 10 Natively Using Google API’s

Bellshare Google Maps2 Bellshare Google Maps

Bellshare let us know that they released BeMaps today which is a nice execution of the Google Maps API natively on BlackBerry 10. It gives you access to maps from the popular Google Maps API along with GPS location though sadly no navigation. It can follow you though on the map which is nice to see. My favorite part is that you can show the layers on the map like satellite, public transportation (yeah!), traffic, and bike lanes. They have also given us access to POI information along with search and category breakdowns. In short this is the closest you are going to get to Google Maps without sideloading the Android app or Google releasing an official app.

Bellshare Google Maps3 Bellshare Google Maps4

Features include:

  • Lock the map to your GPS position to automatically follow you
  • ‘My location’ indicator with compass heading indicator will always show you where you are
  • Search for addresses, places and locations worldwide using the powerful Google Maps based search
  • Shortcuts for searching for restaurants, coffee, bars, grocery stores, hotels, gast stations, post offices, pharmacies, malls and ATMs nearby
  • Show additional layers on map like satellite, public transit, traffic and bike lanes
  • Tap on hold to drop a pin anywhere on the map to learn more and use it as a starting point for street view and directions
  • Tap a point of interest (POI) icon to learn more about the place or business
  • Detailed information about thousands of places wordwide, including descriptions, phone numbers, website and reviews from other Google users
  • Get car, public transit, walking or bike directions between any two locations
  • Get stunning, 360-degree Street View panoramas to help you find your way in many locations of the world
  • Zoom in and out of the map with the zoom buttons, pinch-to-zoom or a one finger gesture (tap, tap-and-hold, then slide up/down)
  • Optional full screen mode gives you more screen real estate on QWERTY devices

BeMaps is now available for $3.99 on BlackBerry World. The app is native and available for the Z10, Q10, and Q5 at launch. Hopefully a free trial comes soon!

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  1. I think it’s great that there finally is a decent version of Google Maps for people who don’t want to take the sideloading route.

    Compared to sideloading Google Maps on 10.2:
    + No sideloading (even if it takes 2 minutes)
    + Streetview!
    – No navigation
    – No vector maps
    – No offline maps

    Everything else is the same

  2. Ronen, your article erroneously says there is no navigation. The App integrates with BlackBerry maps for turn by turn – though this is not the same as turn by turn for Google maps. Cheers.

  3. Hmm it’s cool that they do include the ability to launch BlackBerry maps for navigation but that is nowhere near the same as the app “including navigation.” Its a creative alternative at best.

    Still it’s a pretty awesome app. I just don’t want to oversell it because then people will buy it with much higher expectations. If I mentioned that it “included navigation” and it just linked to BlackBerry maps people would rightfully complain.

    • The reason why google navigation isn’t included is because google doesn’t release APIs for this. This and the APIs for vector based maps. Developer mentioned this to me. It’s sad because if google had made these APIs available, I wouldn’t really care for google maps anymore.

  4. I agree it’s not the same but having the integrated BlackBerry maps is a great stop gap!

  5. My problem is that they send the address to BBmaps and if bbmaps does not recognize it then it will take you to whatever place they want. They should send coordinates instead.

  6. great to have this app, because BB Maps provide much less details then Google Maps and sometimes really important parts are missed. (my experiences for Germany)
    also BB Maps are very slow at the moment, somtetimes have to wait up to 2 minutes to get a map rendered.

    so – while waiting for better BB Maps, and I’m sure they’ll come – I downloaded this app.

    as a developer the only thing I’m missing:
    to get some CARD invokations to use this map as an alternate way. I would like to integrate this into my apps as an alternate way to show a map or a route or POI

    btw: it’s great to have a layer for Bikes

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