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The Big Difference Between WhatsApp vs BBM Sent, Delivery, & Read Notifications

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We have been getting this question a few times recently and I thought I would address it. I personally use both BBM and WhatsApp and they are both great for different purposes. They are very similar systems but there are some key differences that have users confused. The check marks, delivery marks, and read marks ARE NOT THE SAME!

WhatsApp FAQ

In WhatsApp the check marks mean:

  • One Check – message successfully delivered to the server.
  • Two Checks – message successfully delivered to the phone of your chat partner.
  • THERE IS NO confirmation when your chat partner reads your message (confirmed in their documentation)

This is compared to BBM where: you have four different icons:

  • Three signal sheilds – Sending message
  • Check mark – Message has been sent to server
  • Check mark with letter D – Message has been delivered to chat partner
  • Check mark with letter R – Message has been read by chat partner

Its as simple as that. Once again both are useful services though WhatsApp costs a nominal fee a year. Still its an interesting difference. I am wondering if WhatsApp will ever add notification of items being read.

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  1. The “R” makes all the difference. The “D” is good to alert you to possible connection issues, but knowing when someone read your message is great. They can’t deny they saw it.

  2. BBM is still better. Free and as has been mentioned the “R” is huge.

  3. BlackBerry needs to promote this and show that it is best on a BlackBerry.

  4. Blackberry needs to get in the game with audio, video (multiple) capabilities and exceed their silly (sorry for my language) 6 MB video upload limit to something much higher than WhatsApp’s 16 MB limit to get back in the game…btw, you can’t record videos less than 720p which kinda limits you to say…under 5 sec, not usable and it won’t compress to upload either.
    Other than that, they will never get back to the top…

  5. You missed one important thing on WhatsApp: the “last seen” notification that tells you the last time your buddy used the app.

    For most people, this is more important than “read”…

  6. BBM is my favorite, although I do use both for the non BlackBerry people. I’m hooked on the R

  7. I think “Last seen” on whatsapp is better than “Read Status” on BBM

  8. What about the fact that BBM is more private , u can decide who u want in your list or not . I hate the fact that whatsapp think its ok to allow your whole phone book as a chat contact . U will never be in peace u have to answer otherwise ppl think u ignore them etc. what’s app is rubbish and I hope bb will stick to their encrypted messaging

  9. Has anybody compared data usage of those 2 apps? I tried to send a msg containing about 260 characters. BBM with “D” used 3x number of bit than WA with 1 check mark. Can any body confirm this?

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