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BlackBerry A10 Gets Caught in a Few More Pictures

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  1. No longer that excited about it. The proposed specs need a huge boost!

  2. I doubt this is the Astro or it’s a very old prototype. A-series has 5 rows of icons.
    Could be the next Z10 with upgraded internals.

  3. Yeah there is quite a bit of time before this is finalized. Hopefully it changes by then

  4. @bbfanboi: The dual core CPU/quad core GPU combo is in fact six cores, this will make the A10 both powerful and power efficient. The 2,800mAh battery should manage just fine. The 2GB RAM is good, but 3GB+ would certainly be better. Internal storage should be 32GB minimum. If the 8MP rear cam has high performance optics and sensors and the software is highly optimized, it will perform very well. The front cam should be 3MP, if only because the 2+ year old PlayBook has one. The 5″ 720p display makes for a 295ppi resolution, significantly lower than the Z10 4.2″ 720p 355ppi resolution. That’s unacceptable for a top tier device. As you can see some of the specs are quite good while others are not so good. The sub par specs might be upgraded in the final release A10.

  5. The spec’s are very impressive. We are talking about quality device with a very optimized OS.
    The Quad-Graphics is the driving force in this device. 1080p is a power hog and a marketing gimmick. Good Job BB for going 720p that will give this phone super clarity.

    And if people are still complaining about spec’s for some reason?????, just look at the iPhone 5’s 1.3GHz Dual-Core with 1GB of RAM, yet sold as a premium device.

    Just like BB10, iOS is also optimized to perform flawless.

    Android? lol don’t get me started, a complete joke of an OS.

    • I still think that there will be a timing and pricing issue. You can’t sell this as a high-end device in November, not if you’re BlackBerry, no way.

      • True, I doubt they could really pull it off. But who knows.

      • Quad-Core CPU’s, 1080p screens and massive amounts of Ram are all over rated and only confuses consumers. I’ve noticed several so called high end devices running Android with Quad-Core this and Quad-Core that, yet you get no benefit in running that kind of setup, especially with such an inefficient OS.
        Though personally these specs are only rumours, though I really don’t mind them, if Apple can do it, then so can Blackberry. Most people will not care for specs, so long as the phone runs flawlessly. And in this case, BB10 is the best you will get today.,

      • Yeah it needs to be competitive in terms of both hardware and software

  6. I love and I’m enthusiastic
    when it is come

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