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Top 10 Things BlackBerry Can Improve in BlackBerry 10

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In some ways BlackBerry 10 launched with functionality missing on other platforms at launch. On the other hand there are many things that BlackBerry needs to improve or add to BlackBerry 10 for it to better compete with iOS & Android or even legacy BlackBerry devices. I wanted to start the discussion with my top 10 list of things BlackBerry can improve in BlackBerry 10 to make it a more compelling product:

  1. Give Back Control of Notifications – The limited yet convoluted notification system on BlackBerry 10 is a mess. BlackBerry tried to simplify the complex yet powerful notification options on BlackBerry 7 and they failed miserably. We need the basics like differentiating between BBM and BBM Groups notifications along with the more powerful options in BlackBerry 7. Simply admit defeat and rework it. If you need any help just ask any long time BlackBerry user.
  2. Add more gestures – I love what BlackBerry has done so far with gestures but I want more. For example, the hub is just dying for side to side flick gestures to delete or mark an email as read. Putting two fingers on the screen should select the emails in between them. Let us turn them on and off as we wish.
  3. Background Apps – I know this is coming in BlackBerry 10.2 but it deserves to make the list just because of how important it is.
  4. Improve the camera options – Many improvements are coming in BlackBerry 10.2 like panorama but once again BlackBerry needs to keep up with the competition and their third party service like Instagram. Just keep pushing the envelope.
  5. FIX the Contacts app – This app is simply a blight on BlackBerry 10 especially as part of the core OS. Users are plagued from everything from missing/duplicate contacts to annoying contact renaming. Figure out the issue and push it out already.
  6. Improve the usability and user experience of the Hub – I love the BlackBerry 10 hub. It brings most of what I loved in BlackBerry 7 and improves on it in some ways. On the other hand I am just blown away by some of the design decisions. For example, why is there no way to swipe between messages in a conversation? Even Q10 with keyboard shortcuts it performs an annoying animation between messages. Just hire a User Experience expert…
  7. Add SWYPE like keyboard gestures on BlackBerry Z10 – I love the big screen on the BlackBerry Z10 and the keyboard is pretty good with flick typing but there is a simple way for BlackBerry to attract more Android users. They need to add the swipe keyboard that SWYPE brought to android and SwiftKey has now also embraced. BlackBerry already licenses the SwiftKey prediction engine so
  8. Fix the embarrassment that is BlackBerry World – BlackBerry World is holding back the potential of BlackBerry 10. More details here.
  9. Roll out OS updates globally and update 1st party apps regularly – BlackBerry is letting companies like Verizon screw BlackBerry 10 users many carriers are not much better. I already laid down the case for why BlackBerry 10 updates should be global or at least offered as public betas. The same goes for all the BlackBerry 10 apps made by BlackBerry. StoryMaker, alarm clock, browser, etc should not wait for the next OS update to get new features or bug fixes.
  10. Bring on the apps – This one is self explanatory but is key on the list of top 10 needs. BlackBerry does not need a larger quantity of apps but rather they need more QUALITY apps. BlackBerry needs to be targeting the household names like Mint, Pandora, banks, etc. Same goes for games though they are doing much better on that front. Maybe even open up OTA app downloads for BlackBerry 10 AND Android APK files.

There could be more on this list like bringing back BlackBerry bridge for PlayBook users or bringing BBM Chat and Video to the desktop but 10 is a good start. What do you think are the top 10 things BlackBerry can improve in BlackBerry 10 to grow their user base and make users happy? Don’t hesitate to put anything on your wish list!

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  1. Link….sucks. No one talks about Link. BB needs an iTunes equivalent that works and doesn’t take an hour to backup the device–if it works at all.

    • I was going to include Link but decided against it since it works but it just does not work amazingly well. It also has cool features like remote file access. The other issues are more pressing.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better…

  3. In a way I am glad Sprint hasn’t given us the “Q” yet. Hopefully by the time we get it all this will be worked out.

  4. Great list Ronen, I’d like to add a few more:
    1. a. The ability to swipe from app to app without swiping up to the homescreen – like the PlayBook; b. The ability to close apps without having to swipe up – they could put an X on the top corner or better yet, add a corner swipe gesture to simulate this.

    2. I’d like to be able to put Active Frames in folders, all apps information would be easily viewable in 3d and any app your in, as well as the ability to pin apps.

    3. I’d like the ability to customize the bottom dock apps and access them in any app your in.

    4. The ability to access options in any app.

  5. how about call blacklist/whitelist? business tools should have this functionality

  6. Call blocking is needed badly, not to mention the joke so called pictures…where do my captured pictures go and the other ones I take with my camera and the ones I save…just a mess, ask for a folder once and I’ll do the rest thank you.
    But you have to admit, the battery is pretty good 🙂

  7. For #4, they need to get better camera sensors…

    And in #7, I’ll replace yours with support for more business features: S/MIME, OpenVPN, Email aliases, Colour coding and much more

  8. Solid list. Since Verizon hasn’t updated the Z10 yet, I don’t know what 10.1 has/has not fixed. But here’s a terribly annoying feature: BB Balance. I get the need – in theory – but it is horribly impractical. I’m texting folks at work but I can’t copy/paste text into emails. Or even if it isn’t work related, e.g., an address, a phone number, etc., cannot be copy from sms to email. Same goes for photos. Especially the screenshots! I wish I could disable the damn partition.

  9. They need to make it easier to delete emails like deleting multiple emails. A better way to do it would be like the 9900 does it. Using multitouch, select and delete multiple emails at once. Also fix the copy paste, it’s complicated and horrible. It’s ridiculous how iPhone and Android make it so easy by comparison! Fix the random reboot issue as well.

  10. Great list for a start. What’s a smartphone w/out a great OS & quality apps! I sit and watch my phone just randomly reboot itself throughout the day -at least it keeps busy!
    Link is really useless on Guess I have 10.1/10.2 envy, cause all the latest apps don’t work on my Z10. I would have added seamless communication btwn Z10 and PB, but…

    Z10 (crippled by Verizon); PB (abandoned by BB)

  11. You forgot MARKETING! 😀

  12. I downloaded and unzipped it. I backed up the Z10 on BB Link. After I wipe the device, can I open the downloaded OS directly from the PC, or do I need something else? Thanks ahead for the guidance.

  13. May be after these 10 things Blackberry can improve Blackberry10!

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