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BBM Coming to Android By End Of September According to BlackBerry India MD

BBM People

We have been hearing about an “End of Summer” release for BBM for Android and iOS in the official announcement from BlackBerry. I have personally been hearing that September is a done deal and now BlackBerry’s India MD, Sunil Lalvani, has confirmed as much. He confirmed to IBNLive that:

“The service is coming to Android this summer. But summer as per North America, where it remains till September.” When asked if that means that BBM for Android would be available before the end of September, his response was in the affirmative.

Hopefully that pans out for all the iOS and Android users waiting to get back in on the BBM craze.

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  1. DOA if not released in Aug.

    This is a good move despite it is several years late. This is also a risky move. The key to success is the execution. But, again, this is delayed. Given RIM’s track records, this also implies the quality will be poor. Delay + Bad Quality make this the last straw that sinks the ship. RIM is dead if this is true, unless news breaks out it lays off 80% of its workforce – those who DO NOT WORK AT ALL.

    • ??

      The difference between August and September could mean death for BB ?

      “But, again, this is delayed”

      It is?? I’ve only ever heard anyone say bbm-x would be out before the end of summer. A.K.A September 21st. How then is this delayed?

      “Given RIM’s track records, this also implies the quality will be poor”

      What has Thor delayed that has resulted in poor quality?? He delayed BB10 specifically to release a product of high quality.

      I apologise for feeding you by replying…

      • Glad to hear RIM still has hard core followers – I am one of you. I started using BB since 950. I do not compare BB to any other, but do compare it to the company before 2007.

        If all RIM supporters push RIM hard, we can make fundamental changes in the company and then we can have BB to use for ever. Otherwise, they company is dying.

      • Good points Caleb

  2. hahaa im gonna die laughing if its buggy and glitchy upon release lol.

    Then how would the public trust blackberry again. People have the hardest time doing so after all the bbos devices lol.

    The funniest thing is, we all know how long it takes Blackberry to update an application. Decades!

  3. Trolls begone! BlackBerry will be fine. I was hoping BBM would come earlier, but September’s is not too late.

    • Call me a troll who wish RIM to survive and succeed once again.

      But to achieve that the organization needs fundamental changes. The problems it has been accumulating since 2007 are still there. The new management hasn’t changed the company at all. If nothing else can be done, they should get Jim back to execute his plan to tighten corporate governance and accountability.

      A big mistake BB and its supporters made is that they thought BB made marketing mistakes (See how the current CMO is better ?!). No, BB’s fall was and is because of product quality. U.S. carriers delay certifications out of quality concerns.

      QUALITY products come from QUALITY people.

      It is time to clean the house. I trust Tor has the guts to do so. I believe RIM can afford massive house cleaning and will rise once again.

      I do not mind product delay that much. But it looks like RIM is running out of time to rebuild the organization.

      • I really didn’t wanna comment coz it seems you really enjoy poking bears but I’m utterly offended by your “Quality” remark. There is nothing wrong with the quality of Blackberry’s products! Conformity is the problem. You see, Blackberry (And you’re still calling it RIM?? Really?? – saying that just to poke you back) believes in producing unique phones for people with unique needs. Not something the common joe wants coz its “fancy”! That is their problem and if anything its a blessing. They have no problem with quality, its just that blackberry can’t just leave a standard of a great business phone behind, it just doesn’t happen!

        • I don’t compare oranges to apples.

          I do compare different BlackBerry devices, starting from the first device 950.

          For business, reliability No.1, for that 950 wins.

          I now carry 4 BB devices at all times, 9630, 9900, Z10, Q10. Unfortunately, I have to use the 9630 as my primary device because it is the most reliable. The others randomly reboot. By the way, the 9900 is the 4th device I exchanged.

          Just FYI. Not mean to offend. Sincerely wish RIM well.

          • Okay, yeah the reboot thing is annoying… But I found a fix, I try out different versions of the software. For example for this 9700, I tried several different OS6 versions till I settled with but I’ll tell you, it took me some time.

  4. To those who want to buy Q10, Z10. Do not worry about the quality issues. They are mostly software problems that have been fixed in 10.1 or 102. OS.

    Also I believe the new RIM management is aware of the QUALITY problem since Thor mentioned the word “QUALITY” several times at the recent AGM. And he is indeed setting clear targets for senior and middle level managers. I think Thor just need more support to clean the house and boost the quality. I believe that will happen.

    To those who want to compare BlackBerry devices with other devices. Here is my advise for an easy decision:

    – BlackBerry is time saver
    – Others timer killer, e.g. Gaming

    Although Z10 is by far the most capable gaming device on the market RIM didn’t target gamers with Z10.

    If you have a lot time to spare, go with other devices; otherwise, if you are a busy professional like most in this thread, go with BB forever.

    If you are a busy professional and still have a lot time to spare go with Z10 – no other choice .

    • You don’t really have to be a “busy professional” to enjoy blackberry, I’m in college and I still enjoy it. Other brands are great but there’s no place like home.

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