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Pictures of New BlackBerry 9720 Leak – Final BlackBerry 7 Device?


BlackBerry mentioned during the last earnings call that they still had one more BlackBerry 7 device in the works. We learned that the model number was the 9720 earlier from the UAProf document and that it seems to have the model number of a Bold device. It also has a 480×360 screen resolution which is reminiscent of the 9700. Now has scored some pictures of the device with loads of angles. No real surprises here…

BlackBerry-9720-1 BlackBerry-9720-2

BlackBerry-9720-3 BlackBerry-9720-5

BlackBerry-9720-4  BlackBerry-9720-6  

BlackBerry-9720-9  BlackBerry-9720-11


BlackBerry-9720-12 BlackBerry-9720-13

BlackBerry-9720-14 BlackBerry-9720-7

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  1. So dumb to even consider this device. The situation in Indonesia is ample reason to move away from the BB7 platform as fast as possible.

    This move shows a lack of confidence in the BB10 platform. Why not get the Q5 and Z5 out faster? Why this? Is BlackBerry still living in the past?

    Please kill this now before more time and money is wasted. The Q5 is what is needed, not trying to resurrect a 3 year old platform. This move just smells of desperation – it replaces the life support equipment on a dying platform.

  2. It does seem odd to have another new BB7 device, but maybe it is finally the ultimate BBOS device? The 9900 suffered from poor camera and bad battery, lousy signal strength; the 9790 also poor battery. A good camera, touch screen, big battery, low cost, BIS/BES, this would be an awesome BBOS device. I am not convinced that my mobile life is any better now on my Z10 than it was on my 9790.

    • You’re right. Its probably an attempt to finalise BBOS by releasing an ultimate. But going backwards is a bad idea. Hope it won’t have a negative effect on everything. And it looks more like a curve than a bold.

      • Yes, it is more Curve than Bold which is what I meant by low cost. A Bold-priced BBOS phone would be competing with what they are doing with BB10, this one if it has everything on my wish-list would not compete with BB10 and might be the best BBOS phone ever released.

        • True, true. BB10 is just getting started and producing a great BBOS phone wouldn’t really help blackberry push their old market towards BB10. It would be a bad move.

  3. Too Similar to the 9320 unfortunately and it has the same display too RIM should try to make each device different and unique at the same time.

  4. Time would have been better spent bringing BB10 to PlayBook. Rethink priorities BlackBerry!

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