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Sketch W Friends Updated to v5 for the BlackBerry PlayBook – BB10 Update Coming

Sketch W Friends Sketch W Friends2 

BlackBerry might have written off the PlayBook but it is nice to see developers still keeping up with it. Xlabz let us know that they have updated their popular Sketch W Friends app for the PlayBook to v5. This version adds some nice improvements for users and is scheduled to also come to BlackBerry 10 shortly. Here are some of the updates in this version:

  • Private rooms are now open to all players – both Free & Paid.
  • No more Salon and Platinum Lounge; just one unified gaming zone so everyone gets to play together
  • We’ve added an interesting twist to the game: COINS! Each game round consumes 1 coin. Users will get:
    • 200 Bonus coins for logging in with Facebook!
    • 70 Free coins for the first login in a day
    • +50 Bonus coins for logging in on consecutive days – the more often you play the more coins you earn
    • Paid users of Sketch W Friends will be credited with 5000 Bonus coins the first time they use the latest version!

Check out the updated Sketch W Friends here

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  1. I hate to see statements about the PlayBook being written off by BlackBerry. For a BlackBerry friendly site to say that is really poor marketing for the product. Nevertheless, that is exactly what BlackBerry has done by not offering the PlayBook even a glimmer of hope.

    Everything from BlackBerry regarding tablets has been negative. There are no positives here:

    – “No future tablets, because tablets as we know it are doomed.”
    – “No money to be made in tablets…”
    – “No BB10 for the PlayBook…”

    No positives there! While I love my PlayBook, I have a difficult time understanding BlackBerry’s misguided (sorry!) decisions here.

    The PlayBook suffered from:

    1. Poor initial launch — non-existent marketing
    2. Poor feature set with staples like BBM, calendar, contacts, mail missing!!!!
    3. RIM was in a tailspin and no one wanted to invest in an expensive $500 tablet when the company’s future was uncertain.
    4. RIM hadn’t figured out how to court app developers so apps were slow in coming.
    5. RIM failed to connect the PlayBook to BB10, and have since disconnected the two. It means two product lines requiring additional work for developers.
    6. RIM didn’t sell (target) the PlayBook to business and corporate users, including schools and institutions and students – BBM would have really helped there!

    The failure of the PlayBook was 100% related to POOR execution. It is a great product with great potential, even today.

    I hope BlackBerry will fix the one annoying thing I do HATE about the PlayBook – the keyboard and ALL native apps should be native C code – not Adobe AIR. AIR is not always responsive. Otherwise, I love everything else about the PlayBook, and I beg BlackBerry to reconsider their decision to terminate it.

  2. As a Playbook owner outside the US/Canada, the Playbook has been very poorly supported; no access to Podcast manager, videos, music etc unless you use a proxy or a third party app. Even those are poorly put together. And the Blackberry Desktop software is a joke compared to iTunes. I will admit that I also have an iPad Mini but I wouldn’t if BB had anything close to iTunes …….. If Apple could put together worldwide access, why couldn’t Blackberry?

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