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New BlackBerry 10 Sideloading Tool Hopes To Simplify The Process (Beta)

Sideload Tool

There have been quite a few sideloading tools for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook over the years with their pros and cons. Terrence pointed out yet another project that is kicking off now in beta that tries to combine all of the sideloading functions into one. The developers is tied to so you will be probably seeing some integration there. The goal of the project is essentially to offer the following functionality in one app:

  • Downloading BAR files
  • Converting APK files
  • Installing BAR files

So far the current beta version allows for Installing BAR files, Downloading BAR files, Installer, uninstaller and shortcuts. Upcoming versions will add the APK converter and update tool. Check out the project page on for details along with this great thread the author started on CB forums. Hopefully they will give it a proper name soon.

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  1. Is it ever possible to do all of these on BB10 itself? If we can just download APK and if there is a BB10 app that can just directly convert and install it within the device. It would be so much easier.

    • Waiting for some wiseguy to say “yeah, the tool is called an Android phone.”
      Wait, did I just say that?
      No, in all seriousness I have been wishing for that for a while. But it would make sense that that wouldn’t exist. This whole feature is built upon what as actually intended for developers to throw their apps onto their devices easily. Wouldn’t make sense for that hook to be in place on the device, right?

      • What I am trying to say is..blackberry should let the ecosystem grow itself (if not, secretly help behind with the leaks and tips)…leaving the possibility for people to be creative while it does not affect its core – “security”

        Lets say if someone really does invent such tool~ it would be not smart if blackberry decided to update itself to prevent people from doing it. Rather just letting it fourish on its own would be beneficial for blackberry in the long term.

        Just my opinion

  2. Kenny has a hellava point. Every time I mention “side loading” to my wife when she asks for an app that BB doesn’t have for her q10, her eyes glaze over and I get “that look”. Anyone who is married knows the one I am describing, but, and here is where the rant starts…………….

    “That look” is not directed at me, it is pointed squarely that the folks at Blackberry. Her user profile is as follows; professional, HR Mgr., can afford any damn phone she wants and as many as she wants, does a lot of email and typing on the phone, hence the BB, she loves it.

    Now what she wants is simple, Pandora/Spotify (she is using Appollo) which she says “gets by”, she wants Stitcher (sp), that is it! She doesn’t want to “get by”, she doesn’t want to “side load”, she doesn’t want to spend a Saturday or two trying to figure if something else “might work”, she just wants it to do reasonable stuff. She is not in love with phones and all of the hoopla and crappola that goes with them. It is like the car, I buy the one I like and I drive it! PERIOD. Funny that system works with the car, go figure.

    Here is my point, and BB I hope to hell you have someone reading these things that is past the zit-picking stage. SHE IS YOUR DROP DEAD SWEET SPOT CUSTOMER AND SHE PUT HER IPHONE DOWN FOR IT, and it seems you are going out of your way to piss her off.

    Best you get it together or I will make a small fortune shorting your ass to ZERO! And I would hate that, cause I really would like to like this company, but you make it so damn difficult.

    Lest you blow me off, I have been the computer industry since 1982 (yeah that is not a typo) working for publicly traded companies much of that time, and a great deal of it in mobile and wireless, so I have some idea of what I speak, and I think some semblance of the head-set at BB. I am sure I know product managers and design engineers that we could trade for folks at BB during the night, and no one would ever notice. I have worked with it a long time, but you best fix it, or you will be wondering if Apple is hiring.

    “Built it and they will come”, my butt. “We do it this way and smart customers can figure it out, oh and did I mention, we are really smart and really cool!”

    One last thing, Thor get your walking shoes on and pound Madison Ave. until you find a really, really great PR firm and beg them to help you. And finally, either learn how to handle the analyst community, or find someone who does, I was on the call, they had you for breakfast!

    Ok, the last, last thing. Please (to Thor again) do not MC any more product launches, I am sure there are things you are excellent at, these two we are discussing here, not so much, and I am being kind.


    PS: I do not feel better!

    • Nick you are spot on. I am actually working on an article about that as I type this. BlackBerry needs to just allow OTA downloads

      • Why not enable BB10 to hook up to Google Play directly?

        Since the Android emulator is sandboxed; is there any other reason not too, besides that BB wants to have as many native applications as possible instead of Android apps?

        Or isn’t BB allowed to hook up to to Play by Google?


    • Nick nailed it..on all points! His description of his wife’s BB needs mirrors my own. Dont care for Apple, and Android is a cute little OS so dammit BBRY, get it together!

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