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BlackBerry Annual General Meeting for Investors Scheduled for July 9th


BlackBerry has set the date for their annual general meeting for shareholders and this one looks like it will be a doozy even compared to the last one. BlackBerry set the date for July 9th which is right around the corner and I am sure the shareholders will be hitting hard. I really do not know why BlackBerry has not tried to control the conversation or do damage control after their fiasco financial report conference call on Friday. Still it will give them another chance to talk to their investors.

If you owned shared on May 21st you will be getting voting materials shortly if you don’t already have them.

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  1. Simply put, BlackBerry does not have a good public relations or marketing team, which means they end up eating crow when these thngs happen. Why else would they announce they wouldn’t be bringing BB10 to the PlayBook on the same day they announced their mediocre sales.

  2. I’ve called. I’ve written management. I’ve written members of the board of directors. I’ve written the Chairperson. What did I get back? Nada. F* all! This company, management and board of directors are walking around with their heads in the clouds. It is outright shameful the engagement they have with their investors. Now on to their execution. 2.7 million BB10 phones. That’s it! It’s like deja vu all over again. Storm. PlayBook. A big problem with BB’s execution is there are no positive surprises. It’s either leaked, poorly executed or it’s coming but never gets here. I own quite a few shares, a PlayBook, and a Z10 but I’m a whisker away from walking. If their recently completed BB Live Conference and this quarterly report is the best they have then their gig is just about up. Heins and Co. are in negative territory now. My first post here but given what I’ve been through as an investor, I am entitled to a serious vent.

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