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BlackBerry Q1 Earnings Summary

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  1. Saw this coming a mile away.. Do your own channel checks. Walk into any Verizon or ATT or Tmobile and ask the sales reps straight up. My recent trip to Verizon I asked the rep and he said he sold 2 the ENTIRE YEAR!

    • Surprisingly it has been doing well from their revenue increase in the US. It just seems like overall they need a boost. They need to change something quick.

      • I blame the whole Verizon launch. Verizon did little to help the Z10. They launched with a 2 month old OS, they let their customers suffer with it, and they are only now releasing a 10.1 upgrade. Up in Canada, 10.0.10 was released to consumers a month before the Verizon launch, yet Verizon went with an old 10.0.9 OS.

        I wonder what large investment house was working with Verizon to stiffle BlackBerry’s comeback.

    • Proper channel checks doesn’t involve walking into your local carrier’s shop and asking about sales. You wouldn’t get the full picture.

      I’d trust more a company specialising into these sort of things. We’ve heard recently that the Q10 was doing OK. Hopefully this will translate in a better Q2.

      • you got me my method is not scientific .. Pretend BB 10 is selling like hot cakes.

        OOOOF . “NOT”

        • I never said that but you keep implying that your ways of getting information about worldwide sales of BlackBerrys is the way to go, when it is flawed.

          Personal checks don’t work.
          Using stats which doesn’t include BB10 devices doesn’t work.

          Checks done by serious companies do work.
          Figures from financial reports do work.
          Analysing trends in large clients does work.
          Apps sales figures do work.

          What we have so far is that the Z10 is a failure and that BB has a big problem with carriers in the US, which is a large market.

          • Its a shame. Although I have been very pessimistic and bearish I want them to succeed because I think it’s good for the entire mobile market and I use to be their biggest user and fan but I’ve never been convinced of the comeback after seeing the new devices. I think they are need but I could not see anything compelling to turn around a ship they let go astray for too long.

            • I want them to succeed as well and I’m probably going to buy a new Q next month, simply because nothing else compares in the market (Android is for ph/tablets and iOS for beginners) and because I have high hopes for 10.2, but they need to start targeting small businesses. Their me-too approach in the consumer segment can’t work as they don’t have the hardware and apps yet.
              Small businesses need to get things done in a safe and secure way, but none of the platforms offer that in a cost effective way. BB has the OS, but needs to fix their apps and cloud.

              • I don’t think they listen to their core customer so they aren’t coming back.

                The salesman in the field wants
                – 1 button phone dial from anywhere not swipes
                – 2 i button to hub not swipes ( remember old bb using keyboard to get there)
                – 3 exceptional long battery – failed on z10 and q10
                – 4 to be the best “phone” phone (its good not superior to the others)
                – 5 Stop being buggy.
                a) I had a q10 for a week. Guess what? If you use Google Apps for Business , set it up through Exchange , then delete a message on the phone it only marks it as read in Gmail.

                b) Also , I have over 15K contacts. OLD BB had no problem. 2 days in and it never got past 2200 and made me search online for the rest. Other OS’s just don’t have these silly problems.

                c) Weird random error messages.

                I had high hopes for Q10 but after using it I felt depressed for BBRY they just can’t seem to get it together. Love or hate IPHONES they just work and people dig that about not just phones but all things.

  2. The 2.7 million devices is really blowing my mind

  3. It’s a lack of execution . I think it’s a fine product. But the company is the worst marketing company in history and poor marketing has been the death of superior products in the past.

    • Yeah this is clearly a comment on their execution selling the product and their reporting of their results. It was painful hearing them on the call.

    • I actually think the marketting has been adequate. I truly believe it comes down to apps. The average consumer is only worried about Apps. If you don’t have ALL the big apps, you will lose a lot of potential sales

      • I think it has more to do with them speeding up. Like updating apps every month with new features would go a long way.

        • It comes down to this. You can do all the demos in the world. Show all the cool featuers of BB10. The consumer will be really impressed. They truly will be impressed. They will be ready to make the purchase, but, they will ask in the end. Does it have Candy Crush? Does it have Netflix? Does it have Instagram? Does it have any of the Zynga games? Does it have (insert latest popular app)?

          And when your answer is NO.


          Potential sale goes away

          • I don’t think it is all about apps. I don’t use Instagram and don’t want to. I don’t care much about Netflix since they suck! I don’t play a lot of games.

            What I care about it having a device that can manage all my messaging, calendaring, and a best-in-class browser. BB Remember is nice and cool, BB Travel rocks, DocsToGo fits my needs, Maps is fine, and the way the B10 puts it all together with Peek & Flow makes my life easier. The BB10 virtual keyboard is best-in-class, and that’s something most folks overlook, as well as the unified messaging hub. It is really a fantastic first generation device, and it will only get better with time.

            Yes, I do want a device that can provide some portable toys, like music authoring and recording. BlackBerry isn’t helping me there, but the primary purpose is too strong: messaging, calendaring, life management! My Z10 rocks.

            • I am in the boat as you, but, the evidence clearly shows that we are in the minority.

              The average consumer wants these apps. The average consumer is the dominant consumer.

              Even if the average consumer will hardly use the app, they want it, and not having the app on the platform is a sign of weakness to the average consumer

              • I agree. For example a consumer may have a rewards app for their favorite store and rarely use it but want it for the time they do shop that retailer. Phones are no longer just communication devices they are swiss army knives and to dismiss apps availability and quality of those apps is living in 2005.

              • I agree. The average consumer doesn’t want to take chances. They want to fit in and be able to play and communicate with their friends.

                BB messed up by marketing the Z10 at the wrong price point. They should have flooded the market at Q5 price and maybe call it the Z5 and scrap whatever they have on the assembly line called the Z5.

                You can’t have mid-range hardware, an immature OS, no apps and a bad rep and hope to market it at a premium price.
                No wonder the head of marketing in the UK left.

          • Does it have an updated or Quickbooks or Intuit or FlightTracker or Hilton Honors and other business apps as well. Dismissing it all for Candy Crush ( whatever that is) is not recognizing while bbry was asleep at the wheel iphone and android phones became business tools as well.

      • I do agree apps is an issue. Sorry didn’t mean to dismiss it so quickly . working and blogging with you.

      • I think 130,000 apps or so is great for a new device that hasn’t been around for 5 months. It troubles me that they only shipped 2.7M devices. I hope 2.6M was BB10 because they need to sell the developer community that this is a viable and potentially profitable platform for which to target.

        WP8 only has about 160,000 apps and they’ve been at it a whole while longer. The push for apps must continue but it’s not all about apps.

        Look at how long Verizon customers had to suffer for an upgrade from 10.0.9. How big is Verizon in the U.S.? If BlackBerry couldn’t get that fixed ASAP, how much damage did that do to their reputation and the device itself?

        • 6.8 million was total. Of which 2.7 was BB10

          “People” don’t care about app totals, they care if the most popular app of the day is available on the platform

          • Sorry, I mistyped. Can’t edit 🙁

          • Yes, and BlackBerry has managed to get a large number of the big name apps on board. Even so folks are pointing to 3 or 4 key apps that aren’t there (yet). This is still early in the game. We’re 5 months in. Many folks haven’t even seen the devices yet. The Q10 just went on sale a three weeks ago in the U.S. The Z10 is only now 10.1.

            They can’t force developers to write apps for their platform. Netflix’s CEO dissed BlackBerry as ‘just a business device’ so tough. We move on. Netflix doesn’t own the movie world. I am fine without them.

            • you are one of those “phone is a business not a toy ” folks that likes to dismiss consumers as silly people that use phones for NetFlix or Angry birds while the truth is BBRY is missing in business apps and why I continue to see more and more of my colleagues and clients moving away from BBRY. Quickbooks doesn’t have new apps for BB10, SALESFORCE has multiple apps for IPHONE and ANDROID yet the only BBBRY app is the same one from 2008 and not sure it even runs on BBRY 10. BBRY doesnt have a lot of consumer apps for travel or purchasing that the others have and finally lighten up. It’s ok to use your phone for other things than business. The Mobile phone is a swiss army knife to consumers and business folks alike. If you don’t have Good apps not just play apps you’ll fail

          • I’d agree. This includes business apps like Quickbooks or Salesforce or Travel apps ( Hilton Honors etc) .. not just fun apps. But apps that make a phone a swiss army knife not just communication device.

        • problem is bbry waited to long ( delay after delay) and gave time for the consumer , business community, and developers to move on.

  4. Marketing is horrible. Go into a BestBuy Mobile or ATT, or Verizon they didn’t pay for any branding, their are never BBRY reps there, and the sale people have no training on the new devices because BBRY is not spending the money to put their posters front and center and putting out a massive Field team to support the launches and get reps in stores excited.

    Execution sucks

  5. Anyone in retail knows you need a strong Field Team to support a launch and you got to buy the advertisement in the stores to get front and center . They have missed on this.. They still play the game like they are the leader and it’s hurting them badly.

    • Seriously, pinellasdoug, do you have anything positive to say? You keep repeating everything BlackBerry sucks. We can see that clearly in the Q1 earnings report.

      Don’t get me wrong, I get and echo your displeasure and frustration with the stock and the performance of the company. I’m not pleased either. I think execution is better in operations, but on the public relations and perception scale, they stink. BB10 was supposed to change the public’s impression of the company. It still can, but they’ve stopped the marketing in North America – perhaps the biggest market for technology. This is where the press lives too, so they must continue to push.

      I like the deal with MLSE and the decision to get the Q5 to all markets. The decision to push BBM to other platforms is also a smart move, even if it will cost them a bit in the short term. It’s the right move to push their corporate services like BES 10. You really couldn’t make that move sooner until BES 10 was out there.

      • Where did you read about the Q5 being pushed to all markets? It would be great news, even if it means cannibalising sales of the Q10 in some markets.

      • Excuse me, I think pinellasdoug is absolutely correct. Every post by him makes sense. Do you want people to talk only the good things about BlackBerry just because you are a BBfanboi? sorry to say but fans like you won’t help BB in innovating anything new, cause you are always satisfied with BB offers, take off your Fan boy glasses and see the world is progressing much faster than you think.

      • Ahh. Nope nothing positive on this matter to say . LOL

    • It’s not because it isn’t happening in your local shop that they haven’t been doing it elsewhere.
      There could be a reason it’s not happening in the US. Maybe it would be like pissing in the wind and they have a different strategy for the 2nd half of the year.

  6. And great picture Ronen! Must be what it was like around the table as they were answering questions 🙂

  7. And sad day for BlackBerry.
    – Very poor marketing and vague commercials that did not show what the Z10 could do.
    – BlackBerry did not unleash the full power of TAT, thus allowing Apple to steal their features and upstage them.
    – Purposely handicapping themselves by getting rid of things that Blackberries excelled at: conveyance keys, trackpad, background apps – coming, notification bar, back and call buttons etc; all just to say they don’t need buttons.
    – Once again went back on their word and will not be bringing ginger BB10, effectively putting an end of life on the Playboo – a device that once had so much potential.

    It looks like BlackBerry really has no direction now. I will be BlackBerry to the end. I hope they can get their act together before it’s too late.

  8. Peeps, it’s about everything that you’ll have mentioned above plus personal choice, trends and what your peers are using. If everyone of your contacts are on Android and using Whatsapp for sure you going to follow suite. In South Africa 65% of the base is using BlackBerry. Why? Because if you don’t have BBM your not cool.

  9. As a developper I’m actually porting WineDiary from web application to Native app. It’s really hard to find motivation now since the futur doesn’t look well. Do I lose my time? BlackBerry need good news. I don’t know what but do something. Your Z10 is amazing but not enough. It’s not about quality but perceptions.

    • Well, you should have some figures already through your stats and maybe you’re seeing more BlackBerrys now that the Q10 has launched in more markets?
      If not, then yes, yesterday’s news is not really encouraging…

  10. People have become so negative suddenly, I am not.

    Challenges are huge and the market tough but keep in mind people many who want to upgrade may need to

    a. wait for their contract to finish
    b. wait for their company to support BB10. Most do not yet.
    c. wait for a qwerty which JUST came out in the U.S.

    The end of the world did not hit. Blackberry has tons of cash in the bank and this platform will grow. It’s just not going to happen in 3 months. More like 3 years… patients folks!

    • Of course, but this still gives us some signs that the Z10 wasn’t priced right and that BlackBerry needs a better marketing strategy.

      • Absolutley! BlackBerry needs to take this oppurtunity to reevaluate their strategy and make changes where needed. They need to release the TAT and play up their QNX connection more in commercials.

    • 3 years not at this cash burn rate.. they aren’t Microsoft with other massive streams of revenue to wait 3 years.

  11. This article fairly objective measures shows how desperate things are at BBRY. The Math doesn’t lie.

    A Couple important points are made in this article
    – The company lost 4 Million Subscribers in the first full quarter that they launched BB 10 in the US
    – Even though they shipped 13% more sales (shipped doesn’t mean sold) they are losing subscribers at such a fast rate that even with the increase of shipments their net loss rate is growing. This factor is the scariest for BBRY as a company.

    • I’m not sure the loss of 4 Million BBOS subscribers is that relevant since they’re transitioning to BB10.
      Overall they’ve lost 1.3M customers at the beginning of their transitioning phase, without the Q5 and with only 1 months worth of Q10 sales.
      The next report should give us a better picture and keep the upward trend as shown on this chart:

      • Silver lining’s , rose covered glasses the bottom line BB10 did not drive back business or consumers. It sucks. I waited a long time for the Q10 and I found the BB10 “neat” but no where near the productivity one got from prior BBRY.. BB10 essentially failed to generate a buzz with consumers and because they went after them lost their business clients. A reporter friend of mine at Bloomberg, even more die hard bbry than me, returned his Q10 after a week. Same reason he felt it did things different than Apple but was hardly more efficient and found it buggy. If BBRY loses this guy they deserve their fate.

  12. I agree on productivity. They’ve done a half-arsed job so far. Gestures are not that efficient when you have a keyboard, even when you’ve decided to get rid of the most useful thing, the trackpad.
    I think they can fix this with some clever way of selecting messages in the Hub and by adding more shortcuts and more features to their PIM suite.

    On the consumer side, it was expected they would not do great with their mid-range hardware and lack of apps, but they didn’t have a choice. It was the only device and OS version they had ready.

    We can only hope that consumers like the Q5 and businesses will like 10.2.

    • A huge miss on the Q10 is a lack of a dedicated hard dialer button as well. If you are in sales or a government agency or fbi and you need a fast call do you want to swipe out of the hub first find the dialer icon etc.. Like you mention the keyboard shortcuts to messages or contacts or bbm from any screen or anywhere. I mean skipping those was a deal killer and a let down. Makes it no more efficient then the competitors.. just different.

    • Yeah they have quite a bit of work to do on rounding out the classic BlackBerry experience and efficiency on BlackBerry 10. They need to start rolling out those updates much faster and not allowing carriers like Verizon to keep their users in the relative stone age.

    • BB 10 is a failure just another market share research report confirming this over and over. Or are you guys going to continue to say yet another sales check is wrong

      “during the three months ending May 2012, the once-dominant cell phone maker had a market share of 4.6%. Kantar Worldpanel’s report goes on to say that BlackBerry’s market share during the three months ending 2013 had falling precipitously to 0.7%.

  13. US only, the home of the iPhone fanbois with 3 times as many users there as the world average…
    I’m not saying BlackBerry has not been pushed out of the US market, but they’re a global company and I’m more interested in seeing their results worldwide, over a significant period of time.

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