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2.7 Million BlackBerry 10 Devices Shipped – New BB7 Device Coming – BB10 on PlayBook Nixed

Z10 Morning

From todays conference call we have a few details more than the release. First of all BlackBerry shipped about 2.7 million BlackBerry 10 devices. They also confirmed that a new BlackBerry 7 phone was coming. My guess is for lower end markets or corporate liable devices. On top of that they confirmed that BlackBerry 10 was not coming to the PlayBook since performance was just not there but it would continue to be supported. They also stated that their goal is to have no more than 6 devices in each market at a time.


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  1. Scandalous!
    Can I get a full refund on my Playbook?

  2. I won’t mind this news IF BlackBerry releases a new tablet. If they’re done with the tablet market, I’m buying a Galaxy Tab. Screw them. Seriously, as much as I love BlackBerry, they leave me no option. Many others will do the same and perhaps move to one of the other platforms because of eco buy-in. Don’t know why BlackBerry is walking away from the tablet market. Imagine, they still sold 100,000 PlayBooks with no marketing, no push, no BBM, and decisions to abandoning the platform.

    No BB10 on PlayBook, but they’re thinking of yet another BB7 device. Foolish! Imagine how those 3M PlayBook users feel right now. They’d just love to buy another BlackBerry.

    Before they announced abandoning BB10 on PlayBook, they should have announced a new PlayBook running BB10. There must always be an upside when giving bad news.

    • I don’t think they can split their focus again. They need to focus on monthly mind blowing updates to the BB10 OS and apps

      • @bbfanboi

        A few months ago I saw an Android device on Kickstarter that leveraged a phone sized device as a tablet or home computer by using the phone processor and letting you attach it to touch screens of different sizes (tablet size, home computer size). I’m not sure if that’s what BlackBerry is thinking in terms of there being no tablet market several years from now – have a phone and just mate it with the screen size you want rather than having multiple processing devices and having to keep them synched up.

        Congrats on the kid!

        I just bought a 32 GB PlayBook two weeks ago, thinking OS10 would be available for it soon, so I’m soooooooo PO’ed right now. Arrrrr.

  3. After all these years with BlackBerry Windows will be getting me; enough is enough.

  4. They can keep their Z10 and Q10 I am tired of Blackberry!!! I am buying an Android or Iphone…enough is enough…i bought two Playbook and tried to support Blackberry but not any more.

    • Huh?? They’re not bringing BB10 to the PlayBook because the performance would be degraded, so you’re going to boycott the Z10 and Q10? Makes sense.

      What in the world do the Z10 and Q10 have to do with the PlayBook? Heck, the Z10 works BETTER than the PlayBook. Your logic is “unique,” to put it nicely.

      • I think his logic is that he spent a fair bit of his money trying to support BlackBerry and doesn’t feel his patronage was appreciated or valued by them, so he doesn’t want to invest more of his money in their products. That thinking, to put it nicely, isn’t all that unique – most people don’t support companies that they feel let them down.

        Over the years, I’ve seen quite a few people leave BlackBerry because they felt devalued by them. I’m not giving up on them, but the PlayBook announcement definitely reminded me of the old RIM frustrations vs the feelings they want people to have about the new BlackBerry branding, and what they’ve been working hard to achieve in terms of that. This was not a good BlackBerry experience.

        As bbfanboi mentioned, if the announcement had been mated with some good news – a commitment to port applications to the PlayBook so people won’t feel orphaned or abandoned, some quality application giveaways like they’ve done in the past, or anything else to soften the blow, it would’ve helped.

      • Performance is the issue? Where is the proof? Why the hell BlackBerry’s CEO opened his big mouth during BB10 launch saying and lied that BB10 is on its way to the PlayBook? There was no testing or trial runs done before the announcement? May be you can comfort your self saying BB10 wont run well on the PB, but the truth is BB lied to us! I bought PlayBook and the Z10 on the very first day! One of the reasons I bought Z10 was because I thought I can pair Z10 with PB. When I bought the PB i paid nearly the same price of an iPad2. It was not even discounted, I suffered without basic functionalites, like Email, calender and contacts for more than 1 year until it was updated to 2.0. I had faith in BB so I bought the Z10. Now see what has happened!!!

        • What’s stopping you from pairing your Z10 with your PlayBook? Most of the Bridge functionality is still there, if you no how to access it. The only exception is that Bridge messaging isn’t supported (yet) in BB10. You’re making it sound like the PlayBook LOST functionality just because it’s not going to get BB10. Maybe I’m in the dark, but did BlackBerry, simultaneously with the announcement of no BB10 for PlayBook, push out some secret code to all the PlayBooks that suddenly crippled them from being able to do what they’ve been doing for over a year now? No BB10 on your PlayBook has rendered it useless? Just look at it this way; maybe RIM/BlackBerry was using the PlayBook as a stopgap between BBOS and BB10. BB10 is a big departure from BBOS, and if you weren’t used to a gesture based UI as on the PlayBook, you’d have a pretty steep learning curve. The PlayBook “bridged” that gap for a lot of people. Makes you wonder why they chose to call the pairing software “Bridge” now, doesn’t it? Perhaps the PlayBook has served it’s intended purpose and it’s time for BlackBerry to move on to something more exciting and new.

          Some of you guys take this stuff WAY too personally. It’s just an electronic device that will be yesterday’s news like every other device (except, of course, iPhones/iPads since they never change enough to render the previous versions obsolete.) The Z10 will be old news, garbage, and generally talked down upon by some of the very same BlackBerry “lovers” that are praising it now the minute the upcoming A10 hits the market. Heck, the Z10 started losing luster as soon as the Q10 dropped despite the fact that the Z10 is the actual flagship device. I can guarantee you that when the A10 drops, some of the lukewarm BlackBerry “fans” will be complaining that BlackBerry didn’t let the Z10 be top dog long enough and will decry the Z10 because they went out and bought it for full retail on day one and with the release of the A10, a Z10 can now be had for $50 with a plan. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Mark my words.

  5. It’s easy to understand all the frustrations about 10 not coming to our PB’s. I can’t say that this is much of a surprise, though, either. Honestly, we’ve allowed ourselves to believe the company all the while supporting them with device and app purchases. I would hate to think they deliberately misled us in order to string us along. I, like many here, have been a Berry user for years now. Each new device and OS upgrade brought new goodies and some not-so-goodies. I personally have found myself using my PB less since getting my Z. Part of that was the loss of a functioning Bridge and part was the device was more useful by itself. Now, if, and I mean IF, they do indeed get back to what made Blackberry a household name years ago then I will be extremely happy about that. They have to know of all that is good about BB10 there is still ALOT to be desired. I know this is part of the price of ‘early adoption’ but they have been really taking their time it seems getting the updates out that we users really want. I gave TH time to get his company straightened out as many of us have but they truly must know that people are getting tired of waiting. Many have left already and it may be too late to get a lot of them back. Me? I honestly wouldn’t know what device to go to next. I dislike the iPhone. Never used an Android device but from what I read it doesn’t sound like a secure platform at all.

  6. I’m seriously considering the Windows Device; iPhone and Android are out of the question.

  7. My son wanted an Apple Ipad but I bought him a BB Playbook about a year ago. He played with it for a while but got bored due to lack of good games and good apps. I told him that BB10 is coming to Playbook and now it is not. This is really disappointing. I will not support Blackberry anymore. So, I just got my son an Apple IPad mini and he is ABSOLUTELY loving it!! Also, my company now offers BYOD, previously only Blackberry phones were available, I will be getting an Android or an IPhone. Really tired of Blackberry…I don’t really care anymore about Z10 or Q10. I’ve been using BB phone for over 10 years, and I had enough!!

  8. We bought 2 playbooks under the context that bb10 was coming as that is what Thor and BB was telling us all. As far as I am concerned this was a plot to sell remaining playbooks and it worked as numbers showed they moved 100,000 units this quarter and almost 3 million units total. Price cuts and the promise of bb10 drastically boosted PB sales. Good for you Bb! Good job moving units under misleading marketing practices!

    Since Friday, I have sold both playbooks and a z10 and a bold 9900 on kijiji. I had to give it away cheap to sell it as there is a increasing number of people trying to sell their BB devices. Looks like I’m not alone. We are now a blackberry free home and it will stay that way. Just ordered android phone and tablet. Done with blackberry. I would try to sell your stuff now. BB lost 4 million subscribers in the last quarter and it continues to plumit downwards. Soon you won’t be able to give it away! These numbers are proof that person don’t want to supply a company that is full of empty promises and misleading sales tactics!

    • Yeah I understand your pain guys. I really wish BlackBerry would have been able to pull it off but we saw from the Dev Alpha A that it was just not going to work well. I am just annoyed that it took so long for BlackBerry to cop up to it.

      On the other hand I really hope BlackBerry does something to make this right with Playbook owners. Maybe offer some top shelf games free or give them a credit towards a BlackBerry 10 device.

    • Cool story, bro. Enjoy your Android device.

      • I dont think it is a story. I am going to do the same thing too. I will probably do the same thing. Why to support a liar company. I bought PB and Z10 on the very first day.

        @Ronen: who wants those piss poor games for free? They must provide BB10 for PB or give us a partial refund.

  9. I can appreciate the “I’m moving to iOS / Android comments, but as someone who has moved to the iPhone played with Android a bit, I’m in the process of moving back to the Blackberry. They are great operating systems for gaming and consuming content, but they lack as overall communication devices.

    Overall, the biggest hindrance to Blackberry is momentum. Big app players are waiting to see if the OS catches on before developing native apps, and consumers are waiting to see if apps come before buying the device. Right now, I see the whole Blackberry platform being floated by people who need communication-oriented devices.

    If there are enough of those people to sustain the company, it will see s-l-o-w organic growth as developers throw scraps our way, primarily in the productivity app market. While that’s enough for me, I’d like to see Blackberry flourish again as I really do believe they have their heads on straight and are the only ones looking as mobile devices as “tools” and not just (primarily) leisure-time devices.

  10. Well for loyal customer it is a very sad news that RIM is no more RIM it is just BB with out BIS (unlimited data and security layer of BIS) So BB is after a new customers dropping the loyal ones. It is no distinguish for BB on the smartphones market any more. It is no advantages to stay loyal to BB.
    No we are on the wide market with the same data transfer and security base on software encryption. So all advantages of BB has been compromised Well removed form the new BB10, So the new BB10 is a some gesture navigation an nothing more.

    Most of the existing customers don’t even look at the other option on the market because of the BIS advantages (unlimited data and the best in industry SECURITY)

    But now with this BB10 without BIS it is a different story. First I’m not rushing to lose BIS so no BB10 as long as it is possible and after that will see what is on the market and how far BB will gos with BB10.
    Sad story is that BB try to hide info about dropping BIS on the main pages Well, it is as it is. It looks like is no more reliable RIM i is just BB another smartphone on the market.

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