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OS 10.1.2050+ to Fix BlackBerry Z10 Random Reboot Issue Some Are Experiencing

KB34039-BlackBerry Z10 smartphone reboots randomly during normal usage-000461

One of those issues that I have never really experienced on BlackBerry 10 is random reboots. For some reason I have been spared the issue though some on Verizon say its a regular experience. Now my buddy Simon @CrackBerry noticed a knowledge base article that confirms the issue. It states that the issue is isolated to OS,, and and is fixed in OS or later.

Here is to hoping that is the end of it!

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  1. Definitely happens to me too frequently on
    So when AT&T actually releases 10.1 for real – some time before 2015 – I can put that behind me.
    There are a couple of other big bugs I have refrained from mentioning since most of the world has already put 10.0 behind them and I’m hoping they’re all fixed in 10.1:
    — My sound will sometimes just cut off, usually in the middle of a sound-intensive game such as Angry Birds. Out of nowhere it just stops. Changing the volume does nothing.

    — I’m big on fun Notification sounds and I go in and set sounds for a whole bunch of different apps like a thunderstorm for BeWeather notifications, etc. Every now and then, it magically forgets these and reverts to “Essential.” Extremely annoying. It could have to do with plugging the BB in and USB Mass Storage mode cutting off access to the SD card. A) Why can’t this be prompted like it was on legacy BBs and B) The legacy BB’s still recovered the settings after they were disconnected.

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