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The Main Differences Between The New BlackBerry Q5 & Its Q10 Big Brother

Q5 2

BlackBerry has been kind enough to detail out the differences between the BlackBerry Q5 and its higher end BlackBerry Q10. Now that the Q5 is rolling out its nice to see the similarities and note the differences. The main two differences in my opinion is the 8GB of storage instead of 16GB along with the CPU going down from a dual core 1.5Ghz processor to the dual core 1.2Ghz processor in the Q5. The other things to note is that NFC is market dependent so not all devices will have it and the Q5 does not have a HDMI out port. It also has a lower end 5MP camera compared to the Q10’s 8MP camera. Here are the main hardware differences:

 Q5 vs Q10 hardware differences

In other words BlackBerry made a pretty compelling low end device for developing countries without sacrificing key functionality. Personally I would have preferred them keeping the CPU the same along with NFC but what can you do…

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  1. It’s perfect to replace the 9xxx series. If only they sold it cheaper and made it available everywhere. Let the market decide what people want. Enterprises could issue that instead of old Curves.

  2. I agree ofutur. Even still, pretty sweet low-end BB. Here’s to hoping it gets released in US in August.

  3. The only downside is that they can’t realistically sell it that much cheaper because they didn’t downgrade it as much as Curve devices normally would be…

    In some cases I think it’s better than the Q10 (styling and LCD panel vs amoled)…

  4. Perhaps if they would sell the Z10 & Q10 in more colors, there would be increased demand.

  5. I think it (Q5) looks awesome, been a Blackberry fan since moving from the Nokia E71 to the E72 then to the 99** Bold, absolutely LOVED my BB9900 but the battery jus drove me mad so had to migrate to an S3 which I adore, but I jus miss that little bit of something a Blackberry gives not to mention how much I missed full QWERTY keyboards. I really disliked the Z10 but loved the new BB10 OS and been waiting ages for RIM/Blackberry to give us a new full QWERTY handset, fell instantly in love with the Q10 the build quality and design is jaw dropping in my opinion and I got hands on with the Q5 in Carphone Wearhouse yesterday and I can say it didn’t disappoint, it really is a stunning lil phone they’ve both (the Q10/5) convinced me to jump back to Blackberry, the question now is which one do I get? Moneys tight my end so finances might dictate its the Q5 for me but looking at the spec list and feeling the build quality for myself it doesn’t feel like previous leaps in quality between older Curves and Bolds where the Curves where cheap and pretty rubbish to be fair. Like I said before, BB in my opinion have really pulled it out the bag with the Q5 an excellent mid (to semi high) ranged handset and at £319.99 Sim free at CFW (£300 if your payasyougo and upgrade your sim) I think its cracking price… Sorry to waffle on lol!

    • I still find the Q5 to be a confusing product because it’s not cheap enough for developing countries and not available in other countries.
      I know people who would get it as a 2nd phone, just like others get an Android as a 2nd phone, but even at £300 it’s a hard sell compared to what you get on the Android side (Optimus G).

      • Ofutur yeah I kind of see where your coming from with the price point in terms of developing countries etc and totally agree with you when it comes to what you can get with Andriod for your money but in terms of specs and actual quality of the product I in my opinion still think its a fair price and when you look at the Q10, its dropped from from nearly £600 to a much more reasonable £470 in a month and a bit, I don’t think it will be to long before BB come to your way of thinking with the Q5… But even at £300 I still think Ima bag me one I just cant wait any longer to get my QWERTY back 🙂

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