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BlackBerry Grabs the #2 spot for Canadian Market Share Beating out Android

blackberry-stats-620x400We posted a month ago about how BlackBerry has been on a steady market share increase in Canada after the long awaited launch of BlackBerry 10.  StatCounter shows that BlackBerry has increased to almost 30% of the market, from an all time low of 6%.  We are also patiently awaiting the Q1 results in which it is rumoured BlackBerry sold 5 million handsets.  If anything this is a remarkable recovery if they can maintain it.  It will be nice to see how BlackBerry has grown in other markets, and if in deed our beloved BlackBerry is back!

Source: N4BB


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  1. If they can hone in on the commercials and come out with those must have apps – including some exclusive ones, then they will be on there way.

  2. This is great news, though as far as I was concerned BlackBerry was never gone.. it was always just a question of how many knock-offs it has had to contend with over the years. Some more than others.

  3. Oh yeah!!!!!! BlackBerry is back 🙂

    Keep the commercials running, Thorsten. Not just for the Q10 but the Z10 & Q5. Show the sparking new BB10 line up!

    Please don’t produce another BB7 device. They will only drag down the reputation of the NEW BlackBerry. You have the Q5 and potentially the Z5 coming soon. Why waste energy on a dead platform? Time to turn the corner on BB7.

  4. Uhm…

    This report is a complete fallacy. I urge you all to go review statcounter’s site and run any graph you want. In no way, shape, or form has blackberry attained this marketshare ANYWHERE, let alone in Canada.

    They’ve been on a steady decline and currently in Canada rank in at 12%, not 30%. Worldwide they’ve continue their fall and are now below 3%, dropping from 6% this time last year.

    The chaps over at seekalpha need to give their heads a check before reporting numbers, and the sites that allow posts should be doing some very basic number matching ahead of time…

    • To Bbrysucks”

      Stop being a crybaby and admit when you are wrong.

      Just take a few moments and take a look yourself because your comment are making you into a fool.

      By the way Blackberry is climbing world wide, in fact this week is at the highest point in 2013.

      And are soon to take spot number 2 in the UK, are number 1 in South Africa, and growing in every other market that has the roll out of the Z10 and Q10. Now comes the Q5, then the Z5 and A10 . And even more important they are just starting.

      This is only the start line for Blackberry not the finish line.

      • Don’t be an idiot. This was a false report. It was noted as fail by anyone else that reported it. You can check the records yourself instead of mouthing off like the ill informed ignoramus you are. Seriously.

        • So first the crying, now the name calling.

          Is that the best proof you have to validate your claims.

          For you, dont worry abou the facts or the truth, your right its a false report provided by an independant source, its really a conspiracy by martians.

          Do yourself a favour don’t do the research, don’t go and look up the fact because you will hate what you find even more than you hate Blackberry.

          • I know blackberry users are glue bags but you serf, Tahoe the cake.

            • wow, intelligent corrispondance!

              Good example of how smart you are and how much proof you have for your claims.

              Maybe roll over and wake up your wife/sister/aunt to vent how mad you are with the lack of information you can put forward for the claims you make.

              • Look serf. I explained that you could reproduce the report for yourself on statcounter. The guy lied and by a huge margin. That is fact.
                If you can’t amass enough intelligence to do your own verification and not live like a sheep being herded around by retarded news posts, you have far bigger life concerns that I’m afraid I can’t help you with.

  5. Haters gonna hate. Anonymously, apparently.

  6. Complete bullshit. Those are browser stats, not sales stats.
    It’s the same kind of stats used by BGR to try and show that iOS is ruling the American market.

    • Take it for what it is. We all know it’s browser stats, but in the days leading up to actual sales numbers in the Q1/2013 report, we get some idea where it is headed.

  7. Yeah, Ofutur. Last I knew, Statcounter shows the proportion of browsers from the different platforms accessing the internet. Unless that has changed, I will read this as more blackberry folks are using their phones to access the internet since they got their speedy Z10s and Q10s. Mainly because the browsers are better than the one on legacy devices. I wouldn’t read market share into this.

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