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Verizon Starts Rolling out BlackBerry 10.1 for the Z10

VZW-101-tvjVerizon has jumped on the band wagon of releasing 10.1 to its Z10 users.  Now what’s the big deal with 10.1 when all of yesterdays events were focused on 10.2? 10.1 is current, it brings a slew of upgrades and changes to the customer, and puts them on par with everyone else who has it.  If you’re on Verizon, let us know how it is, and what your favourite new feature is. To do the update over the air, just go to settings and Software Updates.  It make take up to 24 hours for the update to show for you.

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  1. What’s the hold up AT&T?????

  2. About time. Waiting for the notification or I will keep hitting the software update button ever so often to recieve the glory. Maybe it will fix the issues that im experiencing with the outdated

  3. Can’t wait to get feedback from Big V users!!!! They’ve been suffering on 10.0.9.x since launch. Everywhere else, carriers were deploying 10.0.10.x except Verizon.

    Users will be very pleased with 10.1. 10.1 is very stable and very good with numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

  4. I have only seen where 1 person has claimed to have gotten a Verizon update. I’m calling bull**** on this one.

  5. I called Verizon about this update this morning and the rep told me her screen said was still the latest. I’m really hoping she was wrong. FWIW, just checked and still no update love here in Memphis.

  6. waiting…..waiting….. cmon Verizon get on the stick!!!

  7. I checked again this morning and 10.1 is still not showing on my phone to be to be downloaded. This shows Verizon is more worried about sales and not about updated service. They are simply chasing money.

  8. AT&T is releasing 10.1 today and Verizon is late again. Money hungry and the heck with customer service.

  9. This is an utter farce.

  10. Your June 14 message about Verizon releasing 10,1 for Z10 is Bull. Today is July 8 and still NO Verizo Z10 update.

    • They didn’t lie. Between Verizon and BlackBerry Something happened and we didn’t get it and I say “So what!”. We have these awesome leaks that kick arse, so I couldn’t care less if Verizon actually releases an os or not.

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