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Brilliant Concept by Pootermobile to modify the BB10 Dropdown Settings


I am constantly impressed by #TeamBlackBerry, but, today, Pootermobile took the cake.  I saw this on twitter and was just simply blown away.  I had to post this.

Mr. @Pootermobile drew up this concept of a simple, yet brilliant, modification to the dropdown settings menu in BB10.  Its just so brilliant.  Click on the image above or go to the Pootermobile website.

Standing ovation Pootermobile.  Well done. Well done.

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  1. Not working…

    • works for me on Firefox and Z10.

      You have to click on image or link at bottom to see the .gif

      • Funny, now it works…
        Yeah that looks neat, I like the idea and I don’t think they can be sued for doing that.
        Off topic, one thing that upsets me is the inability to swipe left and right between pictures when using file manager, Z10 I can understand but the Q10 and not being able to use the “N” and “P” letters is just ridiculous. As a photoholic, that’s my biggest set back plus that fact you can’t search for an album in the pictures.

  2. So why doesn’t BlackBerry implement this?

  3. Brilliant…

  4. Yes!!!! Make it Happen BlackBerry.

  5. Brilliant indeed. I really hope BlackBerry can use this without Pootermobile suing them. xD

  6. +10! In some ways, I’d like it all on one screen, but since real estate may be an issue, this is an ingenious solution. Thanks Pootermobile for the suggestion. Hope BB adopts the idea.

  7. I’d like to see stocks, weather, news added as well.

  8. ???
    What’s so brilliant about that? It’s been available on Android for ages and BB has just been too lazy to steal it or can’t do it for legal reasons.
    What BB has in place right now is the bare minimum.

    • Its brilliant in the simplicity of the idea and the quality of the production by pootermobile. agreed its just a swipe,but, sometimes simple ideas are hard to come up with an implement

      • Maybe, but that’s not his idea.

      • And what I mean is that I don’t understand all the ooohs and aaaahs.
        I would have written: “Here is how Android-like settings would look on BB10 and I think BB should do it.”

        • Hi Ofutur I thought It was brilliant in terms of consistency. You are right that some Android devices in the past have had swipe-able setting panels but really just one panel. Take the most popular Android phone, the galaxy s3 and s4, and you have no swipe-able panels. There are roms that will do that but once again usability is about consistency of UI. Unless the ui element comes from Google and does not get bastardized by Samsung with their “gimmics” then it might become a standard element.

          The irony is the standard on Android IS Samsung and they have this really stupid long scrolling top bar of billions of setting options to the point of it being unusable

          • Yeah, I think that since I’ve been able to swipe the top bar of the notification panel on my other devices, I wasn’t really amazed by the animation. It’s also probably because this has been suggested on forums. It just seems logical to be able to reveal more settings with a swipe, just like folders should have several panels.

            And yes, by default, the top bar can be crowded, but we can edit what we see on there, so it’s not much of a problem.

            Hopefully BB will release a customisable multi-panel settings dropdown next year 🙂

  9. Well I have been a loyal BlackBerry user since 2006. Sorry for the oohs and aahs.

    • I’ve been married to BlackBerry since 2006 as well, but she allows me to play the field.

      • That’s how you catch awful diseases lol. Especially when you play around with Droids 🙂

    • I’ve been a bb user since 1998 🙂
      And i’m just a customer. I don’t have time to keep up with the competitors so i’m happy to see this post as well. If it’s borrowed, who cares. It still would like nice in bb10.

  10. Would love to see the ability to choose what goes in that second panel!!!!

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