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BlackBerry Hub and Third Party Apps, Where is Blaq for BlackBerry 10?


With BlackBerry 10, I absolutely love the Hub because it’s the first thing I check every morning and throughout the day. All my messages in one place, it’s so convenient. Now we’ve seen WhatsApp and now Foursquare be knighted with Hub integration. As a group we use WhatsApp (until BBM goes cross-platform that is) and we use Foursquare. I’ve used Foursquare for quite a long time now. But one app I keep hoping to see be graced with Hub integration is Blaq.

The Hub has all your notifications, BBM messages, Text Messages, Emails, Facebook Messages, Twitter Messages, LinkedIn, Calls, Emergency Alerts, and Pin Messages, but it also now includes WhatsApp Messages and Foursquare.


Now WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger that has quite the user base. You can have groups, chats, invite friends to download and chat with you via WhatsApp. It’s free for the first year then $.99 each year thereafter.


Foursquare is a another large user base app. The application is a GPS check in you can use very similar to Facebook’s Check In. However with Foursquare you can earn badges, mayorships, send messages back and forth, and unlock specials from nearby restaurants, pubs, and merchants. There’ are a lot of advantages and fun to using the Foursquare app if you use it responsibly.


Blaq for BlackBerry 10 is an amazing Twitter app by Kisai Labs. The developer who is dedicated and very meticulous with his work is Jerome Carty. We met him in person at BlackBerry Live and he’s the easiest and most down to earth person to chat with. I also respect his dedication and hard work. If you have ever used Blaq for BlackBerry 10, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. The app is really nice, fast, and with the new update you’re going to be pleasantly surprised even more. And just recently with the update for BeBuzz 10 Pro we learned that Blaq version 1.1 will be supported. I would love to see Blaq for Blackberry 10 in the Hub. I love how it works, love the way it’s fast with messages and direct messages. I know there are many of us who agree that Blaq belongs in the Hub. So now we ask you if Blaq is an app you’d like to see in the Hub? We’d like to know what your feelings are. I hope that BlackBerry will be allowing Blaq in the Hub really soon. It’s one of those apps that rates with high with WhatsApp and Foursquare. What will it take for Blaq to make it to the Hub?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions. Would you like to see Blaq for Blackberry 10 in the BlackBerry Hub?


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  1. I would love to see hub integration with Blaq. This is probably the best twitter client I’ve ever used, so much that I’d love to see it on my Android tablet. However, I run the native twitter app in parallel to keep me notified, which as you can guess is a process.
    If an app were to come along and do everything Blaq does, and have hub integration I’d honestly jump ship and take my reviews, recommendations and accolades along with me. So yeh, I hope to see this in a very near future update of Blaq 🙂

  2. I use the native Twitter App and I don’t know why anything else is necessary. That speaks more about my Twitter habits than about Blaq. I used Blaq on my PlayBook and while I could appreciate how nice the App is, I always just went back to the twitter mobile site. I suppose I should spring for the BB10 version to see what the rave is about.

    What I don’t like about Blaq for PlayBook is that links opened in the App’s built-in browser, this is how iOS apps work too because iOS lacks a decent app switcher. With the PlayBook and BB10, switching between apps is simple with very basic thumb swipes so I can click on a link in Twitter which opens in the browser and while that page is loading, I can be back to my twitter feed and I can click more links which open more browser tabs. Then I can go to my browser and tab between the things I want to read. This has become my habit and when I go to an app with a built in browser, I feel constrained.

  3. Would love Blaq integrated into the Hub but more important to me is multiple account access!! two is not enough.

  4. Rumor is that Blaq will be getting this feature soon, but really BlackBerry needs to open up the hub to all developers. By only giving access to established brands, they are shutting out the nest big thing that nobody has thought of yet…

  5. This is new update… I would like to see the hub with Blaq. Well thanks for sharing the beautiful information.

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