Apple’s iMessage Servers Decide Whether you get your SMS or Not if you Switched to BlackBerry 10

imessage-sucksBla1ze of CrackBerry posted a very interesting article this morning about iMessage giving users who have switched to BlackBerry 10, as well as to other platforms SMS issues.  Because iMessage is nothing more than glorified text messaging that goes through their servers, some BlackBerry 10 users are reporting that they are not getting their messages.

The server stores your contacts, as well as delegates the message, when it notices that you’re offline from iMessage, it keeps the message until you’re ‘back’.  So users who no longer have an iPhone and have not disassociated it from their account are stuck in limbo, for hours even days!

Check out what one CrackBerry member had to say:

Hey Kevin, I’ve been a BB user for the past 10 years and love the platform. Because I was bored with my 9930, I got an iPhone 5 just because. However, when I got my Q10 from Verizon on Monday, I noticed something really weird was happening – I wasn’t receiving any texts from people with iPhones. After thinking a ton and researching I finally figured out what was happening. Because iMessages are transferred through Apple’s servers, everyone’s cell phone numbers are stored there so iPhones can decide whether to send a texts as an SMS or iMessage.

Because my number used to be registered as an iMessage number, the servers hadn’t cleared me out yet and as of today, four days later, it still hasn’t been removed. I called an Apple store and they said they can’t remove me from the servers and Verizon didn’t even know that this was what was causing the issue but the tech support rep said they’ve been inundated with people who’ve bought BB10 devices, among others, who are experiencing the issue.

Anyway, I wanted to shoot this over to you because I hadn’t seen anything in the forums and wanted to bring it to your attention. I could see this being HUGE lawsuit material, especially for people like me who just returned a Q10 (I still have my Z10 as a backup) because of the issue…especially in the middle of a BB comeback.

Now if you notice the issue, and you would like to rectify it yourself, there are a few steps you can take.

Thanks to CrackBerry for posting this up and iMore for the solution.  Hopefully Apple realizes the issue, and offers a better more visible solution to unknowing consumers.

Source: CrackBerry


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