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Advanced Users: How To Run Practically Any Android 2.3.3 App on BlackBerry 10


Many BlackBerry 10 users have figured out how to sideload Android apps over the past year or even before on the PlayBook. While doing so you may have noticed that only about 50-75% of the apps you try to convert work on BlackBerry 10 due to running native code instead of Dalvik Java. This includes many games and apps like Instagram and Teamviewer. My buddy Bla1ze @CrackBerry highlighted a great tutorial by xsacha where he details exactly how to make practically every Android 2.3.3 app run on BlackBerry 10. Sadly this will not work for apps that require Android 4+ but it does allow for native code.

Keep in mind this process is even more complex than sideloading and the end result can only be used on your device so you cannot share BAR files due to it using debug tokens. The .bat script also requires a Windows computer.

If you are feeling brave and think you are up to the task check out xsacha’s tutorial here. Below is a copy in case it is taken down:

This method allows you to run any Android 2.3.3 app in Blackberry 10.1. Even if the app using NATIVE CODE.
This includes games, instagram, netflix, teamviewer, you name it.
1. Android SDK
2. A debug token
If you have a new Android SDK (4.2.2) copy everything from sdk\build-tools\android-4.2.2 to sdk\platform-tools first.
1. Download this package: here.
2. Edit zandroid2bb.bat and change the first line to point to where you have the Android SDK installed.
3. Put your in the same directory as the script.
4. Now just drag any Android app .apk on to zandroid2bb.bat. A .bar should be generated (otherwise check the error).
Now you can install this .bar on your device and it should just work. You can use the included zInstaller.bat or other means.

imgcredit: Favim

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  1. Aaah, now I understand. Dalvik vs native. It still won’t work for a few apps though simply because the OS doesn’t include all the APIs.

  2. Put some work into this this morning. Some steps like getting the debug token will end up being quite complex for the un-BBDev-initiated like myself.
    Two important notes that will hopefully save some people some aggravation:
    — Drag-Dropping the APK onto the batch wasn’t working so well for me when the APK came from a different directory. If you put your APKs in the same directory, it works fine.
    — One step that was left out was actually installing the on the device the same way you would sideload any other .BAR Until you do that all installations will fail.

  3. Does anybody have a working apk downloader and GB device ID?

  4. I’ve had good success with the APK Downloader Chrome Extension. You can easily generate a DeviceID by installing BlueStacks and installing the Device ID app.

  5. Simple question, perhaps not a simple answer: Any way to tell why a sideloaded app fails? If it’s due to native code or API compatibility. It doesn’t seem the API compatibility rating on Google Play is a good indicator as to whether this will work or not.
    Been working at this for a while and so far I’m pretty much 0-for, having tried:
    Bank of America
    Temple Run (1 and 2)
    Rescure Roby

    My only actual success so far has been Paper Toss 2 which I’m pretty sure failed when I tried to load it last time but this time succeeded.

  6. Is that legal?
    And, is it worth waiting for 10.2 instead of this hassle?

  7. This link is not longer working

    “1. Download this package: here. ”

    Anybody have the file would like to try this.

  8. Thanks, download worked on my Z10 🙂

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