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Giveaway: BlackBerry Z10 Car Holder

CARH-Z10-03-1Our friends at MyTrendyPhone have come through again with a nice little accessory giveaway just in time for our 6th birthday celebration! I have been testing out this holder for a few weeks now and as simple as it is, it is VERY handy to have in my vehicle. It is custom made to hold the Z10. None of this universal, springy garbage. The phone slides into the 2 feet then as you push it in, the clip on the other side clicks over the edge and secures it into place. The suction cup mount clamps down and stays firmly in place. It is also easily removed after lifting the clamp. The Z10 can be rotated 360 degrees and secured with a small dial behind it. There is also 210 degrees of vertical travel adjusted with a separate dial.

I have tried a few other windshield mounted holders and this one is the best. It holds your Z10 securely, is easy to adjust, and is able to move to more than enough angles depending on what you’re doing. I use it in portrait orientation most of the time with BlackBerry Maps. I have slid it into landscape a few times when I’m stopped and taking a lunch break to watch some videos.

GIVEAWAY: To be entered for a chance to win one BlackBerry Z10 Car Holder from and BerryReview, simply leave a comment on this post. Do it now!

Stay tuned for more contests soon!

Grab a Z10 Car Holder from right now here. 

Check out’s full lineup of Z10 and Q10 accessories.

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  1. Love this!!

  2. Sweet! Thanks BerryReview and MyTrendyPhone for this contest.

  3. A great giveaway!!

  4. Awesome! This is a much better solution than my sticker solution.

  5. I really need one of these.

  6. anything to make my z10 life more fulfilling

  7. this would be so useful!!!!

  8. Still looking for the perfect holder … would love to win this!

  9. Count me in.

  10. This beats the ‘double-side’ tape my wife suggests :)

    Count me in.

    A Z10 owner I am now :)

    *won’t change my nick though

  11. Spot on for the Z10. Far better than a “universal” compromise holder.

  12. Would love to win one of these!

  13. Does it have a power connection?

  14. want to win

  15. Looks great! I travel frequently and would love to use this.

  16. Hey that looks like a pretty cool device!! Need one of those :)

  17. This would be perfect.

  18. Yes. I want it. Pick me.

  19. Yes i want It. Pick me

  20. Desperately seeking a good car holder! Duct tape, wd40, and vice-grips don’t seem to cut it (yet…)

  21. This would be great. :)

  22. I hope I win, I could have it.

  23. Cool I’ve been looking at these :)

  24. I’m in to win :)

  25. Looks great!

  26. Looks like a cool accessory and I could sure use one!

  27. it would make a perfect companion to my Z10 in the car and it won’t feel all shaken up in the cup holder

  28. Thus is great. Thanks for the contest.

  29. pick me!

  30. Looks amazing! Both my wife and I have Z10s, so this would be perfect!

  31. Love your site. Hope the holder heads this way!

  32. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I just started looking for a dash mount for my Z! Count me in!

  34. I’ll take it!

  35. Gimme gimme

  36. It is my strong opinion the you should give this to me
    I am just the most deserving you see
    I have only used BlackBerry since the days of yore
    Give this to me and save me a trip to the store.

  37. This could come in handy. Thanks BerryReview!

  38. Dude this would be amazing to have. This would be very handy, or less “hand”y depending on how you look at it :)

  39. Happy 6th Birthday Berry Review! Hope for many, many more birthdays to come. Thanks for the giveaway folks :)

  40. I’d like one of these before I buy the phone.

  41. Would love to have one.

  42. Great idea and it looks awesome!

  43. Count me in please Z10 is single device that has been used, so on the car I am very need Z10 Car Holder, thanks Berry Review and My Trendy Phone! Much appreciated!

  44. i want this for me

  45. Looks nice!

  46. I would love this! Pick me!

  47. Would love this – the perfect combination for navigation work.
    Blackberry maps works great imho 😉

  48. awesome

  49. I’d love to have this!

  50. this is exactly what i need.. pick me. pick me

  51. Just what I’ve been looking for! Simple. Elegant. Unobtrusive.
    A lot like me, really. 😉

  52. I have been thinking about picking one of these up. Winning one would be even better :)

  53. Wouldn’t mind one of these

  54. I want to win it! Thanks for the chance!

  55. That would come in very handy.

  56. I would give it to my hubby!

  57. Very very nice!

  58. Looks really handy and awesome. I want it!

  59. Keeping at eye level great safety feature!!!! I’ll take PLEASE 😉

  60. Oh, yes please

  61. Hope I win!

  62. Would be nice to win one of these.

  63. I hope to win it!

  64. If I win, I promise to floss every night.

  65. this is fantastic and i want this

  66. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. I’ve owed a BlackBerry for years will be moving to the Z10 next.

  68. Thanks MyTrendyPhone and BerryReview for holding this contest! This could come in handy!
    Good luck everyone! :)

  69. Looks very usefull!

  70. Hey everyone! Thank you for your interest in the giveaway! Comments are now closed and the winner will be chosen soon. Stay tuned!

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