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Will the BlackBerry A10 Look Like This?

a101So the other day, we got wind of what is supposed to be the new device for BlackBerry, the A10.  The device is supposed to be a phablet of sorts and be launching around November.  This morning NerdBerry posted some renderings that were developed with a CrackBerry forums member who claimed to have had some hands on time with the device, and the help of DylanHabkirk Designs.  Let us know what you think below, my first impressions are it is too Samsung-ish, and it is weird they would put the back fret on the device when the battery is non removable.  Check a few more renderings below


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  1. Blackberry Galaxy S10.
    And people thought Z10 was similar to Galaxy (internals)

    • Haha 🙂 Yes, those folks at DylanHabkirk are showing no imagination. How difficult was it to put a BB10 screenshot on a Samsung GS4?

  2. I hope it does not look like that. I mean, it is not the ugliest phone out there but I am sure BlackBerry can come up with something better than an Galaxy look alike.

  3. One word: Bezel.

    No bezel, no gestures. And we don’t see any bezel there.

  4. The A10 won’t look anything like that. I’m sure BB designers will have stronger lines like that it in the Z10. The last thing BB wants is a Samsung or Apple lookalike for their premier flagship phone.

  5. Has it been confirmed that the A10 will not have a removable battery? For me, the only plus there is if the phone would be water resistant and the built-in battery would last 36 hours with medium to heavy use. Otherwise, I want the option to replace the battery.

  6. That looks absolutely horrible. Ugliest design i can possibly imagine.

  7. I can imagine much worse…


  8. Sure is a warthog

  9. I would think that BlackBerry would be more creative than this. This looks like a Galaxy 4 with the BB10 OS photoshopped in it. They need to be original like they were with the Z10, so HTC can copy their design for their new HTC me two phone.

  10. Good design

  11. What really puzzles me is, do you need an HD screen on a phone???
    I mean, is every body 40/20 vision already on this planet or is it mainly for HD output through HDMI?
    Because the HDMI output on the Z10 is ok but not stellar (screen looks better).
    Looks of this phone? I’m not going to judge imagination but are programers going to have a new screen size and resolution to deal with and starts the dilemma of not enough software for a flag ship again? Luckily the Q5 and Q10 are identical.

  12. Looks like the new Ipone/IOS7 looks like a blatant ripoff of BB10.

  13. Oh my goodness, this ugly look better not be BlackBerry anything. This new phone should look like a larger Z10.
    Samsung phones look UGLY IMO.

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