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10 Minutes with Captain Blaq, Jerome Carty


One of the busiest people at BlackBerry Live had to be Jerome Carty, creator of such amazing apps like Blaq and Trapeez.  On the final day of Live, Jerome had some time to sit down with Susan and I for a short interview.  Check it out!



What was your inspiration to start developing for the PlayBook and now BlackBerry 10:

Like many others, the free PlayBook was an ncentive.

Did you have any apps on Legacy devices that we might know?

“Mainly the one that was most popular is Show Me The Images

Did you develop on other platforms, or has your focus always been BlackBerry?

“Always Team BlackBerry!”

Are you a part time or full time developer? And where does a lot of your support come from?

“I develop full time, and my support is a mix from BlackBerry and the community.”

What made you want to create the app Blaq?

“Mainly it was the need. Ryan Hamrick knew we could do it, and so we started.”

What other apps do you have that people might know about?

“I am working on a Tumblr app called Trapeez that will be a new release soon.”

Anything that is already released?

“Yes, Cloudee: it works with CloudApp and allows for file sharing between your phone and browser in real time.  It is URL based, and is mainly for sharing screen shots and stuff. It isn’t quite ready for BlackBerry 10, maybe a week or two away.”

Now really, you are known for Blaq, and now that we have it on BlackBerry 10 can we expect any upcoming changes or additions?

“Look for the 1.1 update. its going to have some really good things added to it, many that have come from working with people this week.”

Finally, do you have any advice for new developers, or people who think they might want to start?

“Just jump right in!”

We’d like to thank Jerome for finding some time to meet with us and we appreciate him doing so. Live was constant and nonstop and time was an extremely precious commodity there. ***Revised, we also need to add that Jerome is not only an awesome developer, very meticulous with his apps, but also he has a very fun and happy go lucky energy, friendly personality, and very amiable and approachable. He even signed an autograph for @JimZ22 after our interview.***


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  1. I want an autograph! Self addressed stamped envelope?

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