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Miss Shazam on your BlackBerry 10? Midomi is here to help!

midomiJohn over at BlackBerryOS posted an article that caught my eye this morning, it is a website that allows you to upload music clips and then it runs them through their database to find a match.  One thing people keep bringing up is the lack of Shazam, and putting this website as a homescreen bookmark can really help.  Simply go to this site , hit the button (make sure flash is enabled) collect a sample around 5 to 7 seconds, and submit it.  I was surprised how fast it worked on every occasion I used it.  It is definitely a helping hand when you instinctively want to launch Shazam when that song comes on and you need to know who the artist is!  Another cool feature is that you can hum, yes HUM the tune in to it, so if that song gets stuck in your head find out what it is!

Here is the site again: Midomi Voice Landing Search


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  1. Cool. It does work but… I couldn’t get your direct link to work. Kept getting an error – Couldn’t Connect to the Server. When I went to the Midomi home page I was able to do it, though. Direct link does work on desktop so I’m not sure what the BB Browser doesn’t like about it.

  2. Who needs shazam when you have a keyboard? HAH. No shazam means BB 10 is not ready for primetime.

  3. It was in development for YEARS and tools/sdk were made available to app makers long ago. This speaks volumes about the confidence 3rd party app makers have in the platform.

    • actually it does’t as each has their own opinion. Like how you choose to sit here and be a cynic, and it doesn’t bother us.

      Like me for instance, I have never once had Shazam installed on any of my devices.

      Marc, BlackBerry 10 is the fastest growing ecosystem in computing history. It has more apps than any first generation OS this far along. Faster than Android, Iphone, Windows.. and everything else.

      Yes, tools and SDK’s were available, but like yourself, many are sceptic still. A lot of them now see the popularity and are working on their apps.

      But really, when we have something that works just as well, and it is light weight like Midomi, I would rather use it.

      It is not about having these big named apps, if they feel like BlackBerry isn’t worth writing for, it is supporting the people and developers who have items that help the end user.

    • App makers want to be on platforms that sell lots of units and that means Android and iOS. There’s no argument here. Blackberry will be looking to increase market share over time and we have to wait for that to happen, if at all. Look how long WP is out and they are still trying to get Instagram. I’m sure they have enough resources to develop an application for WP so you have to ask why they don’t do it.

  4. The release of Soundhound softens the blow here. Actually I’ve always used Soundhound rather than Shazam so I say hats off to them for supporting BB10.

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