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BlackBerry Maps Now Updated For BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry Maps updated this morning for BlackBerry 10. This is one of my favorite native apps for my BlackBerry. The changelog only says Improved Performance and Stability, so if you were having issues before, those should have been addressed with this update. One thing I can say, I have never been lost or put in harm’s way relying on BlackBerry Maps. If  you have BlackBerry 10 and haven’t been notified of the update, go to BlackBerry World, go to All in the bottom left and click, go to My World at the bottom, click My Apps and Games, and in the bottom center click Check For Updates and click. When it’s done, go to the top bar and click then click Updates. You’ll find the update there.

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  1. Update won’t show up for me. Do you have OS 10.1? That might explain it. Not sure Maps 10.1 will show up for the OS 10.1 deprived (are you listening AT&T?)

    I sure hope there are some major updates here (download is more than twice the size) because I’ve found BB Maps to be quite a disappointment. They nixed my beloved BB Traffic since BB Maps has traffic built in. But I am 99% sure that BB Maps does not take traffic into effect when calculating the routes. So what good is that?
    Also had some intermittent issues when trying to search over WiFi with Cellular Data turned off.

  2. Hi @ShvartzBerry – Traffic is a big part of BlackBerry Maps at least on 10.1 that I’ve got and even before this update. The voice turn-by-turn navigation and integration with the rest of Contacts, for example, is pretty nice.

    If you want TRUE real-time crowd-sourced traffic based navigation then I suggest WAZE which is a super mult-platform dedicated driving application. There are versions for both BBOS and BB10 and they are both available in Appworld.

    • I did not even know waze was available until the above post was made. Thanks and downloaded.

      PS: if update doesn’t show up just wait up to 48 hours. Sometimes it is slow to detect.

      • The more I learn about Waze, the more impressed I am with the innovation. The product is simply brilliant.

        That said, the BB 10 app, which is simply an Android port, is junk. For one, the ETA at the bottom of your screen while you’re driving is always in GMT time. I have difficulty getting it to work right over WiFi. Some other features also don’t work. I think the BB community deserves more of a whole-hearted effort from the Waze folks.

        Been more than 48 hours. Still no update. Has anyone got this update to show that still has OS 10.0.x ?

  3. Does BB Maps allow you to enter a “way point” or “stop over” on way to the destination?

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