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BlackBerry Bluths


Now the story of a wealthy company that made some huge mistakes and almost lost everything, and a legion of fans who have plenty of choice, but still choose to keep it all together. It’s BlackBerry’s arrested development.


The Bluths are back. After a much lamented cancellation in 2006, the most dysfunctional and loved family of American TV returns in a whole new season: 15 episodes, no less. And they’re all released at once for fans to watch at their leisure, all on the same day or in whatever kind of installment regime they prefer. The episodes are new, but not really surprising. The new season picks up where the third season had left off and provides an update on each character’s current fate.

The reason it’s being mentioned here on Berry Review is that I’ve seen six episodes so far (I don’t want to binge) and BlackBerry phones have been spotted twice already. And by “spotting” I don’t mean I had to peer hard with eagle eyes. No. They’re actually shoved on our faces, undeniably and unmistakably.

In episode three, Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) and Tobias (David Cross) are talking on the car and Lindsay is shown in close up, checking something on her phone. See for yourself:



No doubt, it’s a genuine BluthBerry.

In episode six, George Senior (Jeffrey Tambor) and Lucille One (Jessica Walter) talk about blueprints that were photographed with a phone. Sure enough, there comes another very up and close shot of a BluthBerry, and it’s a rather old though elegant flip model!



It doesn’t seem to be a product placement deal, because the devices are rather old by tech industry standards.

Like I said, I’ve only seen six episodes. Will there be any more guest appearances by BlackBerry phones in this season? It’s worth checking out. The show is fun! The sardonic pokes at a certain Web search engine giant in the fourth episode is good enough reason for you to give it a try. But you have to watch the episodes in order if you want the whole story arc to make more sense.

If you want to see it, well… that may be not very easy and straightforward. The thing is:

this new season of Arrested Development is brought to you by Netflix, a [BLEEP] of a [BLEEP] content streaming company run by some [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP] who have decided to support pretty much every modern platform under the sun or household roofs EXCEPT the BlackBerry, even though it’s the only consumer technology brand prominently displayed in the [BLEEP] show itself.

But not all is lost. You can always find some… modern way to enjoy this brand new torrent of Bluth-style entertainment. If you know what I mean.


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  1. Netflix? Never heard of it.


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