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BlackBerry Still Dominates on Vodacom South Africa But BlackBerry Needs To Restart Growth

BlackBerry South Africa

Vodacom in South Africa revealed this week that they have almost double as many BlackBerry phones on their network as Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices combined. They told that there are currently 3.1 million BlackBerry phones, 1 million Android smartphones, 600,000 iPhones and 150,000 Windows mobile devices on its network. This is an example of one of those emerging markets that BlackBerry needs to capitalize with the BlackBerry 10 devices and especially so with the BlackBerry Q5.

The problem is that BlackBerry growth is slowing at 100,000 additions a month compared to Android (200,000) and iPhone (200,000) monthly growth. BlackBerry needs to infuse a low cost Q5 into that market to reinvigorate it while it still has a dominating lead.

Thanks kiavash for the tip!

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  1. Yes, blackberry had phenomenal growth in South Africa due to cheap access to the Internet and unrivaled messaging capabilities, however with BlackBerry 10 and the abolished BIS these figures are sure to decline.

    BlackBerry had a great market in South Africa if they continued to support BIS and if BBM wasn’t going cross platform.

    I have a Z10 and it’s an awesome phone minus paying android / iOS rates for data in a developing country this is a bad recipe due to getting similar features on cheap android phones, another mistake BlackBerry has made is taking too long to release the Q5, a lot of the 3 million blackberry subscribers in this market use the cheap 8520 curve and if the Q5 Is not released in time for their 24 month contract renewal android will be the logical choice for the non BlackBerry loyalist.

    Just my 2c comment but I know a lot of South Africans feel the same.

    • That is true but since BlackBerry is still piping certain things through their BIS they should be able to offer carrier plans of that sort. Should be interesting to see how that plays out with the Q5

  2. Would be interesting to know what the non-smartphone number looks like to see how long it would take for android to take over.

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