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Sprint Confirms It Has Another BlackBerry Device Coming After the Q10

Mystery Machine

Sprint has hinted in the past that it had some more plans for BlackBerry 10 devices beyond the Q10. They decided to not offer the BlackBerry Z10 which is an odd choice but they are releasing the Q10 shortly. Now they have confirmed this yet again in an interview with CNET. Lois Eichelberger Fagan, director of product portfolio at Sprint Nextel, stated that “we are not done with BlackBerry” and that “there’s more to come.” The new product would be released by the end of the year which could be the flagship phone BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, hinted to previously.

Fagan also stated that Sprint originally considered carrying both the Z10 and the Q10 but said the timing was not right. Sprint decided to focus on the Q10 when they realized there would be a gap between device launches.

Let us know what you think. I don’t think they would be so coy if this device was just the Q5 so let us know what you think it is in the comments!

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  1. You got Ronen, they could only be talking about the much anticipated Aristro.

  2. I thought the “Q” was the flagship. Unless they delay it till the end of the year and call it the “much anticipated” flagship.

  3. If Sprint is really serious and shows some serious BlackBerry love and dedication, I might consider returning once my Verizon contract runs its course.

  4. How much do you think you could save per month by switching from VZW to SPRINT? Remember Sprint is an inferior network.

    • What do you mean inferior network? I’ve been with Sprint for years and never have had any problems at all and am very happy and satisfied with them. I live in Southern California and have traveled to different states without any problems. And the price is the best for me. I’ve been loyal to both Sprint and BlackBerry when a lot of people have been against them and look at them now.

  5. In 6 years I never had a problem with Sprint. Always worked really well. Their 4G network just fired up here at home too. Right now, I’d save about $50 per month if I were to go back to Sprint and wouldn’t have to watch my data usage like a hawk.

  6. I’ve been with Sprint for years and have never had any problems and their prices are great.
    They’ve said the same thing about both Sprint and BlackBerry and they’re still here.

  7. $50 a month for the same or better service? Really?

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