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Rumors: Verizon & AT&T Employees Switching to BlackBerry 10 – Third Party Porting All Android Apps to BlackBerry 10

Thorsten Heins 

I love analyst rumors but the latest that came out over the weekend from research firm Jefferies is a doozie! They have made two huge claims based on reports they are hearing and rumors that would be some very welcome news for BlackBerry. First is that Verizon is making its 10,000 employees switch from android to BlackBerry and BES 10.1. Also that employees in the sales department of AT&T and Verizon will make BES 10.1 their MDM of choice to customers.

Also in their rumor mill is a private company that is making it possible to “allow the whole Android catalog to be ported to BlackBerry 10 devices.” Supposedly “the user will feel that the whole catalog is native and has not been ported” with a link between the two ecosystems of more than 700,000 apps.

I wonder if either of these will actually pan out… What do you think?

via ValueWalk

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  1. Verizon maybe, ATT…not too sure.
    If that were the case then why do they do such a shabby business marketing BlackBerry 10?
    Just another rumor to me for now.

  2. I hope this rumour is true. This would give BlackBerry a lot of leeway.

  3. I could see this being true for Verizon as they have been pretty vocal about their support for BB10. ATT on the otherhand has been cold and frigid about anything BB.

    As for the private company and its claims…if true, BB should just go ahead and spend the cash and acquire.

  4. Seems to just be the same rumor again

  5. I don’t think Verizon would make all of their salespeople switch to any one phone. On principle, they need to at least create the impression of being agnostic. However, I was in a Philadelphia Verizon store today and was told the BlackBerry Z10 is in high demand amongst employees and they are trying to get additional allocation so more employees can become familiar with the new operating system.

  6. Well I gave in today and updated/ordered a Z10 from VZW. On line it is free with a 2 year extension of my contract. I gave up unlimited Data for a 2GB limit,but history shows I never exceeded 1GB. I went to the local VZW store and tried it out. Really love the OS,very fast. The options / selections are so much easier. It even comes with its own weather app.

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