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Netflix CEO Says He Has Not Tried BlackBerry 10 Yet – Claims It is Not an “Entertainment Device”

Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is regularly known for making some off base comments. His latest was to CTVnews in Canada when asked if he has tried one of the new BlackBerry 10 devices. Here is the exact question and answer:

CP: You’ve been quoted as saying that you’re always trying out a new smartphone or tablet to keep up on new technology. Have you tried one of the new BlackBerry 10 devices yet?

Hastings: No. Like many people I was a BlackBerry addict from 1997 or 1998 through to the iPhone but I haven’t tried it. We don’t currently support streaming on the BlackBerry, it’s a unique operating system you have to target, and unfortunately there’s just not enough volume for entertainment (apps). It’s a great device for getting work done but people don’t interact with it as an entertainment device the same way they do with say an iPhone or Android phone.

I really think Hastings has not tried either of the BlackBerry 10 devices especially considering the fact that they are some of the only devices with built in HDMI ports for entertainment. It does sound pretty out of touch and I really hope BlackBerry has someone hand delivering a BlackBerry Z10 to Hastings with loads of entertainment apps preloaded…

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. Hastings is pretty out of touch. He dropped Netflix shares pretty low with a good load of his decisions. I would be more excited to see RedBox Instant rise to the occasion to give BB10 users the premium “entertainment” they want

  2. He is a dinosaur. Mentioning market size while they have supported win phone is humorous. I’ll gladly support an alternative service.

    I cancelled Netflix despite my love for arrested development. Idiot ceo’s (and celebs) would benefit by keeping their mouths shut more often.

  3. We’ll have to wait for him or his CTO to move on to get the company to reconsider…

  4. HDMI out on a phone makes it an entertainment device? Seriously.

    • Yes, seriously.

      • Just because something CAN do something doesn’t mean it should. Doesn’t your TV have apps or do you have a box or dvd player (roku etc.)?

        • No, everything off of a PC or phone because it’s free.

          • What is free? If you are referring to movies that you have ripped and are on PC, then this is a moot point. Netflix (and other services hulu, google play, itunes etc) offer reasonably priced and convenient services. numbers do not lie, they are heavily used and subscribed to.

            • Easy pal, I’m only making a point that BlackBerry is a valid alternative and it’s not a dinosaur as it’s accused.
              You actually made my point clearer, add Netflix, Hulu, google play and anything you want to the mix, make Blackberry users happy please 😀

  5. I just went through the Netflix Contact Us and spoke to a representative, and they put in the request for the app within their system. I recommend everyone do the same.

  6. Unbelievable, I was using the HDMI port to watch a video on a 42″ screen with some friends who were amazed when I paused the film so I could answer a call. They thought they were watching a dvd.

    It’s a brilliant entertainment machine.

    • isn’t it annoying to have to stop when your phone rings? Can’t you beam it to your TV wirelessly? I can do that and it is hidef.

      • Marc,

        Unfortunately not as my TV does not link directly with my Wi-Fi. Main reason I paused it was so I could hear myself and my caller and it was also a major talking point after the video.

  7. People have because more offensive about cell phone technology today more than any time before since our lives revolve around them from phone calls, video calls, chat, social networking, etc…
    Talk about an addiction with a passion…plus the trolls :-p
    Fact, if you have a device that has hdmi, that automatically makes it an entertainment device from remotely accessing your hdd from anywhere to streaming it at a friend’s house, to streaming YouTube and locally stored videos.

  8. After reading the CEO’s comments regarding BlackBerry 10, it’s quite evident Netflix should be seeking a replacement, not to mention Netflix Canada stinks beyond belief.

    BlackBerry 10 not only outperforms any other mobile platform ever released, it does “Entertainment” equal or better.

    Here’s a future FACT, by the end of 2013 this same CEO if still employed by Netflix will announce full BB10 support. It’s inevitable.

  9. what he meant to say is that there is not enough subscribers in the US using blackberry to justify creating an app for bbry. The number of Americans using bbry is dwindling rapidly.

    • concabu,

      I think he said what he meant. Without seeing it he believed it was purely (as most BB’s are mistakenly regarded) as a purely business machines. From the 8300 series forward BB’s have had some of the best sounding audio systems installed and were capable of playing videos well. What he does not realise is business users probably need as good if not better entertainment to relax to than every other smart phone user.

  10. Reading about stuff like this makes one wonder. How much these CEO and marketing managers are paid by other corporations to be bias.
    This reminds me of my company VP to the CIO who got canned for promoting a BYOD to work and only setting up infrastructure for IOS device.
    This guy need to take his head out of the sand or maybe its too far buried and at the point of no return.

  11. He’s way out of touch with BB. Notice he said he used BB way back in 1997/98 up to iOS [iPhone] came along. We all know how iHeads feel about Blackberries. He’s probably just an iDroid fanboy and won’t release an app for Blackberry for that reason and that reason alone.

  12. Guess he’s not seen the post: 20% of BlackBerry World Purchases are Music!

    Even business people have social lives and need some entertainment. And this is news to some people? Hastings even admits he’s never used a BB10 device, but isn’t the idea to get your app on as many platforms to increase your market share? BB10 is media hungry and takes anything you throw at it without any lag. He is so out of touch!

  13. BTW, BlackBerrys were launched in 1999.

  14. There are a lot of people with misplaced preconceptions about BlackBerry. There are still people out there that believe mistakenly that the BlackBerry is strictly for business and not much for entertainment. Part of this problem could be attributed to the still not strong as it should be BlackBerry US marketing campaign and the relentless marketing by Android and IOS.

  15. This CEO’s comments reminds me of another issue I’ve noticed regarding misleading propaganda being spread by the competition, telling misinformed consumers that BB10 is nothing more than a BB7 update.

  16. That is so ill-informed that it is both laughable and at the same time sad.

    You would think Netflix would have learned about the consequences of offending a customer base from there last major blunder. Plus, I can’t see how a dedicated BB10 app would cost much to develop vs. the return on investment.

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