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BlackBerry to Focus Exclusively on Smartphones When BBM is Released for iOS and Android


I am still reeling a bit from the announcement that BBM is going cross platform. While we don’t have a solid release date yet, we know that it is coming this Summer. In an interview with TrustedReviews, Vivek Bhardwaj stated that the initial release will not be compatible with tablets. This does make sense since there isn’t even a dedicated BBM for BlackBerry’s own PlayBook tablet right now. Vivek also hinted at future plans to expand the reach of BBM even more.

I think when you look at things like Smart TVs and desktops, those are definitely areas for exploration.

BlackBerry has had an internal BBM desktop client for years, so I don’t see why this can’t happen soon.

What do you think about BBM popping up on your friends’ iPhones and Androids? I love the idea. Everyone knows it is the best instant messaging solution around. It is excellent marketing and I believe it could become the most popular IM client around, especially once voice and video capability are enabled for all devices.

Via: engadget

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  1. What makes it stand out are the extra bells and whistles (video and voice calls), until they arrive, not too many people will be interested because texting serves the same function, right?

  2. Initially wished BBM would remain exclusive, but the more thought I put into and dug deeper into the benefits, I believe it is an excellent move.

    @Amir….honestly I hate receiving text messages. With BBM, I get to accept or reject who I want to send me messages and also know exactly who is contacting me. Not to mention the benefits of knowing that your message has been delivered/read, see updates on my contacts, etc all in one place.

    • Mr. Mo, i never enjoyed text messaging and bbm has always been the best way for me personally but, if you step away for a min and look at the bigger picture you will get my point for someone who can just text me vs download a special app again just to send me a bbm, it might create a sense of rejections after high hopes and anticipation.

  3. I’ve been excited the minute they’ve announced it, but how can I sell it to my friends and family who are mostly on other networks while keeping a straight face?

    The only feature which isn’t available in other IM apps is screen share, but it’s of limited use.

    The Register has a good article about the move [1] and the journalist believes BBM to be more reliable, but I haven’t witnessed that many problems on other platforms or maybe my friends don’t moan about it.

    There are also more secure solutions out there if people need that sort of IM privacy.

    So, how can I convince my friends to move to BBM, apart from being able to easily reach me?


    • You can tell them the following:

      1. With BBM you can easily see when your messages are read and delivered.

      2. BBM is still the most secure messaging app around, that means a lot more these days. Unlike Whatsapp, which requests to downloads your personal files, even ones that are really not neccessary.

      3. BBM video is superior to Facetime, Skype and Android equivelants and it offers screen sharing, something Samsung just copied recently – and not well.

      4. BBM is free.

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