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BlackBerry 10.2 SDK Beta Coming in June

IMG_00000937Now we are not only getting 10.1 on our devices this month, but that doesn’t stop BlackBerry from moving forward on the developer end.  They were proud to announce they have some great things in the works, and we developers will get to see them with 10.2. Check out below some of the great things they are working on:

  • Wireless HDMI
  • Geofencing
  • Headless App Support
  • USB Host
  • Altimiter
  • Wifi Direct
  • Miracast
  • Smartcard Support
  • Analytics (Flurry)

Some of the features are long over due, promises and wants… and if they all come to fruition with the release of the rumoured phablet for Christmas, we are a good.  (Now I said Christmas, because the SDK Beta might take a few months to get all the kinks worked out.)



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  1. I hope they continue with these upgrades and make sure the carriers deliver them in a timely manner.

  2. So when does OS 10.2 on our devices arrive after the beta SDK lands?

  3. Wireless HDMI….drool

  4. Awesome stuff. I hope they fix the real problems 10 had and 10.1 missed, instead of trying to add functionality. I am still watching it, and hanging onto my 99900 till then.

    • good luck 😉

    • What “real problems” are you talking about? I’ve my Z10 since lanch in Canada and it works like a charm. Most annoyances got fixed with the first update and even more now with 10.1.

      Not to say there aren’t probs – it’s a first generation OS. We know that Android and iOS had their share of problems when they began. So I’m curious what you are experiencing.


      • Technically it’s a third generation, there is PlayBook OS 1, 2-2.1 (which I don’t like and can’t downgrade) then BB10.
        For a new OS, it’s a lot less buggy than many other manufacturers as you mentioned but, people are UPGRADING from a BB 7.1 to BB 10 and they expect the functionality to stay the same and/or improve.
        If BB is in business for the money, customers are in it for the service…We don’t get all these services for free you know, right?

        • Z10 is a first generation OS, a hybrid of Playook OS and BlackBerry 7. It is the smoothest running first generation OS ever. Sure there will be things left out, but they will be brought back in time, better than ever.

  5. BlackBerry Q10 – is there any news about Outlook integration? This is really shocking that they can omit such a fetaure from Q10.

  6. All these software stuff is great. If BLACKBERRY wants to be in the game, they better come up with new phones “2 or 3 new phones per year”. A tablet with a BB10 OS would be a good

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