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BBM Going Cross Platform Starting with IOS and Android.. What you think about that?

IMG_2408So BlackBerry just announced something that has been rumored for ages, that it would go cross platform.  That is a bit of a shocking announcement but it sort of makes sense, what do you guys think?

Note: From what we are hearing many of the features will be available on BBM once it launches on other platforms.

Let us know your thoughts below in the comments….

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  1. I’m for it as long as other platforms don’t get all the perks that Blackberry users get. Give iOs and Android limited features. That way it may cause them to want to give up the device and switch to Blackberry 10 for the full experience!

  2. It’s the only way brands would come to “Channels” and to avoid failures like BBM Music.

    In addition, BlackBerry is well aware that this is the year of the IM and it’s act now or be left in the dust.

  3. Great news! Can’t wait to see BlackBerry logos popping up on iOS and android devices when they get a BBM!

  4. Evil Genius. Great way to stick it to your competition. Put your brand identity on their phones and for free. Free marketing. They are putting a BB Feature (not app) on other phones…hilarious and great all at the same time.

  5. I’m still not sure how this drives value for BlackBerry, though. Does it have a revenue stream? I don’t want ads in my BBM. I think that’s what Channels is leaning towards.

  6. Let’s compare BBM to a star hockey player (forgive my Canadian analogy, substitue basketball or football player if your in the States, or soccer player everywhere else). You don’t trade you star player while he still gives you the best chance to win. There comes a point where the star starts to age and trading to another team looks to add more value to the teams long term success. If you wait too long to trade you might get nothing in return. You also have to wait until you have a soild foundation to build the team upon before you trade your star away. Some say this is what BlackBerry did was wait too long. I don’t think so. They waited until their amazing platform became the selling point to the phones rather than one star player. Now they have advertising on potentially almost every smartphone saying “This is how we do messaging…we are also the best at alot of other things if you buy our phones!” The better they make BBM on other patforms the better the advertising will be.
    Add to this the fact that the user experience for already exsisting BBM users is greatly enhanced with more contacts. The more I open BBM rather than whatsapp, kik, touch, hookt, or even SMS, the happier I am.

  7. I personally can’t wait for my Android and iPhone friends to get BBM, so I can have just one cross-platform messaging app.

    It would have to be fully featured, as I believe it will provide an iPhone & Android user a good taste of the BlackBerry10 experience …..and let’s not forget quite a few of these users will be ex-BlackBerry users as well (and the last time they may have used BBM it wouldn’t had voice & video over BBM).

    Good move BlackBerry.


  8. Im really happy about this. I get really annoyed when I get an sms. With BBM I usually have an idea of who it might be msging me.

  9. The only thing I’m holding unto with blackberry is BBM…once I found out its on iOS I will swith ASAP, then I can use other app like Paypal, Paypal Here & Skype.

  10. I love that they ignored Windows fone.

  11. Most of my friends have iPhones. Yep! I am the odd one out but I don’t like iPhones so it will be good if they use the BBM app as it will save on using the above mentioned apps and sms. Initially the app will be limited to messages and groups but will eventually be the complete package. I’m all in favour of it

  12. i think is a cheat and many people will move to android and ios i say this because we always complain of you making blackberry an android phone so that we can enjoy some privileges like instagram. so for instant if i like instagram and instagram is on android and ios and bbm is also moving to android and ios and i also enjoy bbm lots why will i use blackberry whiles it has no instagram for which i can buy an ios or android to use and get my instagram n bbm still so work on it or many people will loose blackberry make blackberry android is so simple thank you

    • Nobody will switch because of Instacrap. That is ludicrous. By the time BBM is available on other platforms, Android ports are going to be good enough to be enjoyable. People will buy BlackBerrys for the mid-range hardware and the powerful OS if BlackBerry keeps pricing their devices right.

      • so therefore make blackberry to android is not only your instashit u talking about you not been smart of the end result and product thats not a good idea

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