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Tips and Tricks on The BlackBerry 10 Camera


So you have your BlackBerry 10 device, want to take pics, and you’ve been taking a few pics, just getting used to the camera. There are some ways to get into your using camera, and we’re going to show you how to do it with simple tricks and tips so you can better understand your Z and shoot like a pro. So grab your Z and follow the video along with us.

In this video I go through the Settings, how to drag the thumbnail box of the last picture taken to view, the different modes available, how to zoom, and the only thing I forgot to add was how to focus on the subject. If you take the box that centers and move it and hold over your subject or the point you want to focus in on, the camera will hold that focus.

The original Five Tip Friday was posted on Inside BlackBerry.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, they are very useful. I especially like the swipe up to preview pictures function. I would like to see Blackberry someday implement this feature for incoming messages.

  2. Really useful tricks thanking you. Great swiping pictures.

  3. Swiping up is cool. Didn’t know about that. However, I would like to have the picture freeze after taking it for a couple of seconds and give you the option to trash it. That’s the way it used to work. It’s more work going in to delete it later.

    You obviously have upgraded to 10.1, correct? The Z10 didn’t ship with HDR option.

    Also, I think users would like to see tips on how to get your pictures to come out better, in addition to how to use the app. There’s a lot of “slander” being thrown around as to how bad the camera is and there’s a lot of people saying you just have to learn how to use it right. I love the TimeShift but having a hard time getting good quality pics. (Also not sure why they can’t have a flash with timeshift. It’s an LED flash. If it can stay on for the video, why can’t it stay on for a whole second for the timeshift shots?)

  4. Some good basic tips. Here’s one more to add to it to make your pictures that much crisper, light metering with the focal box:

    When you point your camera at something and the picture has multiple light situation going from dark to light, you can drag the focal point (little box) around to where it is lighter to adjust for the poorer lighting condition without using a flash.

    You don’t even need to swipe up to preview your last picture taken. It just shows up as a thumbprint at the bottom left hand side, tap that picture and the picture menu shows up at the bottom so you can edit or share immediately.

    This is where I think Z10 shines in comparison to the older BBs. In that share menu it will let you immediately load it up onto any and every single social media/text/BBM/Email you have set up on your Z10. You don’t need to go to text messages to attach and you can even share it via PB thru the BT connection.

    • Wow, great tip. Didn’t know about moving the box.
      A few points about that, though:
      Wouldn’t you want to point the box to where it is darker to adjust for the poorer lighting?
      Although adjusting for the lighting might result in a brighter picture, it will probably just be upping the gain and might result in a more grainy picture than if a flash is used.
      Keep in mind that the box is not only for light metering, it is also for focus. So if you move to a different area for lighting but it is at a different depth than your real subject, your focus will be off.

      Also, pretty sure the jumping to recent pics and sharing was just as seamless on OS6/7.

      • Keeping the subject in the middle frame and focusing slightly off subject for light metering does work. I’ve tried it with a few different settings and lighting situations.

        I like using no flash for my indoor photos for work as I find the flash bounce of too many other reflective services and can create more problems.

        Best thing ShvartzBerry is to just play with the camera in different settings. You’ll learn pretty fast.

        The best part is tapping on the screen to just take the shot instead of pushing the button on any other phones. I found when I was taking pictures with my collegue’s iPhone I kept touching the screen and wondering why the picture was taken… LOL…

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